H C Singh

1952 to 1962

For writing articles on national and international affairs and Pluralist Political Philosoph of Laski I am indebted to Indian council of world affair, sapru house where from 1954 to 1962. I spent all the spare time after attending office, reading and writing and having discussions and exchange of views with friends and regular visitors like Dr. J D Sethi. Who was lecturer in camp college in New Delhi at that time and finally with education and dedication became member of planning commission of govt. of India and shri Jagmohan who had then recently come from Punjab as asst. secretary Delhi Development Authority and rose to become Chairman DDA, then governor and thereafter a minister and Shri M L Dhawan who was class fellow of Shri Jagmohan in Lahore and served in UPSC in various capacities till his retirement.

Dr. M.S.Venketaramni, Additional Director – school of international studies, sapru house was impressed by my article in Tribune, inspired me to continue my study and some research and journalistic writing. My first article on QUEMOY in world politics was published in Sunday Tribune’s magazine section and subsequent articles in parliamentary studies and “Contemporary” magazines. I continued to write Afro-Asian diary for a number of years for a local weekly-Delhi Times. In the meantime I continued my studies and research on Professor Harold Laski.

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