H C Singh

Failure of Government on uplift of Poor and Dalits

In 62 years since independence, nothing substantial or landmark achieved for under privileged could be recognized. During last few years in particular India’s economy grew at the rate of 8 to 12 percent but the huge revenue was not used for the benefit of poor and down-troden, nor for removal of social injustices. As Amartya Sen rightly says “If we generate more public resources and use them with a better identification of the prevailing injustices in India, we could make a big change.” But we did nothing to improve the lot of poor who are starving and many committing suicide, particularly in vidharba, Maharashtra: for unemployed millions, for much as deprived of even primary education, for women particularly of backward classes called Dalit, who have no shelter, health care for the poor and underprivileged.

It has been acknowledged by all, who are concerned with the uplift of the poor as Amratya Sen and are even shocked to see and feel mass poverty widespread illiteracy, glaring inequality violence, corruption in all fields and everywhere particularly in politicians bureaucrats, police officials, excise and income tax departments. Communalism is on increase particularly after Babri Masjid demolition by BJP and Shiv Sena. In the rural areas, villagers and farmers one sec domination of capitalist rich farmers, who themselves do nothing. This has led to erosion of traditional values and precarious conditions of agricultural laboures and industrial workers.

The condition of Dalits, particularly in villages is as bad as it was prior to independence. Here I quote from an article by Agya Ram Sakya to clarify the position and failure of government of India in 62 years to improve the condition of Dalits.

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