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RSS & BJP should not deviate the fundamentals Hinduism viz its tolerance for other religions, its refusal never to convert people from other religions even peacefully by persuasion what to speak of converting forcibly as Islam and to an extent Christians did and are inclined to do even in 21st century. It is well known that Jehadis aim is to convert most of South East Asia to Islam and Christian fundamentalists of USA are collecting dollars in millions from common citizens and sending through their agents to local Bishops for use of execution as through providing economic and social benefits to the poor, particularly as seen recently in Tamil Nadu and Uruva.

In this connection I shall like to quote from the article ‘why the God can’t Fail by Wendy Doniger who is Professor of History of Religions at the University of Chicago. USA . Her latest book is “The Hindus An Alternative History”

The genius of Hinduism has always been grounded in its malleability and diversity, its ability to grow and change through its receptivity to the ideas and customs of people other than Hindus. This gives it a terrific edge over those branches of the monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) that are straitjacketed by a single canon (Bible or Qu’ran) and/or a single governing body (Pope or Ulema). Yet a serious threat to the future of Hinduism is posed by a bad habit that some Hindus have recently caught from the extreme fringes of those monotheisms: fundamentalism.

But the serpent in this inter-religious Eden was the monotheistic itch to convert, which often soured Hindu relations with both Islam and Christianity. (Judaism did not, for the most part, proselytise and the Jews in any case remained a small minority in India.The Hinduism of the future will have to survive in a multi-cultural, multi-religious India that simply will not be homogenised; it will have to flow with, rather than against, the currents of modernisation and globalisation.

As I have stated and emphasized at many pages of this article and BJP-RSS. Professor Vendy Doniger who is apparently non-Indian and non-Hindu, has now made it clear for everyone Hindus and non Hindus in general are more receptive of other peoples good customs and behaviour. So, Hindu must not follow strictly Hindutva but modernise as the time demands. That is the only way of survival of BJP as a secular all India Party and indirectly of Hinduism in liberal and modern form.

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