H C Singh

1990 to 2000

In November 1989 elections, because of failure of Rajiv Gandhi’s Government in many fields, Congress lost heavily. It could get only 197 seats against 400 in 1984 elections. No political party had absolute majority. There came up a coalition of Janta Dal that had won 142 seats but supported by left and BJP from outside. Thus Rajiv Gandhi lost and was replaced by V.P.Singh an ex congress Minister. With the end of Rajiv Gandhi regime India could not have Prime Minister who could function like Indira and Rajiv Gandhi as dictators. Also fron 1990, era of coalition governments had started with its weakness and failings.

With the decline of Rajiv Gandhi and congress because of economic setback, the Bofor kickback controversy and Vietnam war like disaster of IPKF in Sri Lanka, there was rise of V.P Singh and his newly created Janta Party. Janta Party was formed by V.P.Singh , erstwhile cabinet Minister in Rajiv Gandhi Government, though it won 142 seats but virtually all the other political parties from left and right CPM and BJP supported him from outside as all the opposition parties had suffered and felt humiliated by Rajiv Gandhi ‘s dictatorial rule from 1985 onwards.

Thus unexpectedly little known V.P Singh was sworn in as Prime Minister of India in place of Rajiv Gandhi who had tried his best during the election campaign of 1989 addressing more than 150 meetings all over India from North to South and East to West. BJP which had only two seats in parliament in 1984, won 86 seats in 1989 elections. Similarly left in W. Bengal and kerela consolidated hold and which had been ignored by Rajiv Gandhi and congress for a long, became prominent by supporting V.P Singh government from outside.

BJP took advantage of weak and dependent government of V.P Singh to prepare for rousing the Hindu sentiments against various governments of congress that had appeased the Muslims as Congress treated Muslims as their vote bank. Advani commenced his rath yatra from Somnath temple in Gujarat to disputed Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. In U.P. Mulayam Singh Yadav Government arrested thousands of kar-sewaks proceeding to Ayodhya. Similarly, in Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav not only tried to prevent the yatra of Advani but put Advani under preventive detention. V.P Singh though Prime Minister of India was in a suspense for a long time. If he prevented the Rath Yatra he would loose BJP outside support and his government would fall, if he did nothing to prevent the Rath Yatra reaching Ayodhya. To stop the tide of communal frenzy, in November 1990, V.P Singh resigned. Thus mid-term elections were scheduled to be held in early of 1991. During the election campaign, Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated but the elections went ahead. Because of sympathy for Rajiv Gandhi, the congress gained 240 seats against 140 seats a year and a half back. Thus congress again formed the government at centre, P.V Narsimha Rao erstwhile minister in Rajiv Gandhi’s government was sworn as Prime Minister. Thu ended V.P Singh’s short lived government . Had there been no Rath Yatra by Advani and the turmoil caused by it particularly in UP and Bihar, V.P Singh might have continued as P.M for a year or so more despite his decision to implement controversial Mandal Commission Report.

Just as V.P Singh who never dreamt or deserved to be Prime Minister of a vast multi lingual, multi religious country, so was the P V Narsimaha Rao, who had no voice of his own, could never express his views before the Prime Minister like Rajiv Gandhi, he was the first PM coming from south India, without much following in South India, not to speak of rest of India. Though Narsimaha Rao remained PM belonging to congress Party but his ineffectiveness in dealing with Babri Masjid demolition, he rather watched the demolition on TV and once it was all over, he dismissed Kalyan Singh government of UP and imposed Presidents rule. Had he effectively treated attempt to demolish Babri Masjid for which BJP and RSS had created havoc causing large scale riots in north India and thereafter as in India’s commercial capital Bombay, he should have sent Para Military Forces much before the December when about 1 lakh Kar Sewak’s had gathered. He should have much earlier dismissed Kalyan Singh Government which was BJP government and was giving food and shelter to Kar sewaks’. But Narsimaha Rao did nothing when he was required to do. So, he had to resign after next elections when congress under his Prime Ministership could get only 142 seats in Parliament, perhaps the lowest ever.

Narsimaha Rao was also the first ever Prime Minister of India who openly purchased MP’s like Shibu Soren and Paswan and other by paying them bribe of crores of rupees, so as to remain in power. So both V.P Singh and Narsimaha Rao would go down in history or remembered or referred to be the most ineffective and incompetent Prime Ministers of India who were disgrace to India as well as Indian democracy.

With the death through assasination of Rajiv Gandhi, Congress which had already became weak, lost further in votes and in prestiege because of competent successors on whom it could be said Prime Ministership was thrust. As the congress became weaker, the BJP gathered strength both in votes and status. But unfortunately for India and Indian Politics, communlism flourished because, mainly,of Advani’s Rath Yatra started on 25th Sept 1990 from Somnath Temple in Gujarat to Ayodhya with the declared purpose and plan to demolish Babri Masjid and on its place build Ram Temple. It is well known and historical fact that Mughal conquerer Babar to celebrate his victory and Muslim rule over Hindu ( ‘Kafir’ as Muslims in those days as called Hindus) demolished the Ram temple and on its place built a Masjid which he and the Muslims started calling Babari Masjid.

Advani took up with the mass following of RSS and VHP workers who were known to be fanatics and some as militants and BJP workers, to erase the blemish on the Hindu Dharma by demolishing the so called Babri Masjid and build in its place temple of Lord Ram or Ram Lala as he was called. Thus from the north Indian states particularly, besides Gujarat, UP, Delhi and Bihar, Advani’s Rath yatra encouraged thousands of followers now known as Kar Sewaks . Their member before the yatra reached Ayodhya crossed 1 lakh, many carrying Trishuls and some with bows and arrows . In UP they were housed and fed by BJP Chief Minister Kalyan singh’s government while in Bihar Lalu Yadav detained them. In Delhi there was nominal objection or hurdle as Narsimaha Rao, the new PM had latent interest in allowing the building of Ram temple. So he, despite his predecessor V.P Singh’s resignation on this issue went ahead, despite his Home Ministry suggesting deployment of para military forces to halt the Rath yatra and detain the leaders particularly of RSS who were becoming violent against local police force. As a result on 6th December, the day decided the Babri Masjid was demolished leading to great unrest Muslims coming out burning Hindu shops and houses and in retaliation Hindus doing the same more vigorously. It was only after demolition of Babri Masjid which PM Narsimahar Rao had watched even on T.V. that he dismissed Kalyan Singh’s BJP government and imposed President’s Rule.

Advani had often accused congress of appeasing Muslims as it considered Muslim votes as its previous vote bank in winning elections . Thus he ridiculed congress type secularism.

Aftermath of Babri Masjid demolition was many fold. It led to killing of more than 2000 innocent Indians whether Hindus or Muslims, of which more than 60% casualties were of Muslims though they constituted less than 15% of Indians population. Secondly it weakened Indians faith in equality of all citizen without discrimination on the basis of religion or faith. Thirdly, as the Rath yatra passed through north Indian states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, UP, Delhi and Bihar, the death toll because of riots was maximum in these states, particularly in UP and Maharashtra’s capital Bombay.

Riots were spontaneous in UP particularly near and around the city of Ayodhya, Kar sewaks celebrating the demolition of Babri Masjid by setting on fire Muslim Houses and shops and killing Muslims. In other places of UP it was left to Muslims to take revenge and set on fire Hindu houses and shops, killing of Hindus and here and there killing priests of temples and destroying the temples.

On December 7, a day after the demolition of Babri Masjid, riots broke out in Bombay which has been one of the most peaceful cities of India, being commercial capital India. Riots were started by Muslims, in Muslim dominated area of Mohammed Ali Road, burning Hindu houses and shops and in addition effigies of Hindu leaders were publicly set to flames. A temple in this Muslim dominated area was also burnt down. This infuriated Hindus, particularly of Shiv Sena and BJP, whose followers took out a procession in Dharavi area of north Bombay, attacking Muslim homes and shops. Muslims too went and killed a priest and destroyed another temple. Next day Shiv Sena declared Bombay band. For whole day riots by Shiv Sena continued despite police presence. Out of about 1000 people who died in Bombay riots, about 800 were Muslims. Three months after the demolition of Babri Masjid, Muslims of Bombay asserted by Dubai based mafia who supplied RDX explosives, initiated scenes of bomb blasts in Bombay stock exchange and other places like luxury hotels etc to inflict maximum casualties as well to get lime light. The Babri Masjid demolition and its aftermath leading to killing of more than 2000. Mostly innocent citizens of India had to wave of sadness in all the citizens of India. I also wrote a poem in those days which is reproduced below:

Demolition of Babri Masjid

Since Times Immemorial in Ayudhya there was
A sacred Ram Temple
Worshiped by Hindus as most sacred temple
Babar the invader destroyed this God’s temple
Virtually no temple of Hindus, Buddists or
Jains was left standing
All the worshipers were left wailing
From Turkey to Afghanistan
And what is now Pakistan
Terrorist Babar Killed, Tortured and imprisoned Lakhs
He imprisoned Guru Nanak and other saints
Guru Nanak even complained to God
As to why the Almighty allowed Babar to invade
Our peaceful land.
But as Babar had destroyed
Temple after Temple
To commemorate his conquest he built
On the sacred ruins of Ayudhya temple Masjid
And called it Babri Masjid.
With the end of Moughal rule
Came the British rule
Hindu devotees claimed Babri Masjid was
Infact their ancient and sacred temple
British withheld the dispute between
Masjid and Temple
But Muslims were not allowed to offer Namaz
So on doors of Masjid – Temple they put lock
Congress Governments to win Hindu votes
Under Rajiv Gandhi in 1986 removed the lock
Allowed Hindus in part of Masjid to install their lord
With BJP Government in Uttar Pradesh
Plan was hatched to destroy Babri Masjid
Congress Government of Narashimarao approved tacitly.
As no steps were taken to forestall or
Halt this unlawful activity
No troops were sent to prevent demolition
Thus BJP and Shiv Sena completed their mission
Without bothering about Muslim reaction
Sooner or Later that was certain
In Bombay there was Eruption and Explosions
Killing hundreds of Indian citizen mostly Hindus
Injuring thousands of other primarily Hindus
Destroying vast National property
Jeopardising National unity.
I could not shut my eyes
I could not plug my ears
I share with you, my countrymen
Of all faiths and religions
What I saw heard and felt
I could have been killed during partition riots
Or during 1984 Anti Sikh riots
But I am alive my countrymen to tell you all.

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