H C Singh

Even God Did Not Listen

Oh God you are considered omnipotent
But where were you, oh omnipotent!
When sons were beaten to death before their mothers
When young girl were molested before the brother & father
When before sisters their brothers were struck with iron rods
And fell unconscious
When newly wed wives’ husbands were dragged
And burning tires put in their necks
When before innocent children their were parents done to death
When mothers were wailing for their dead children
When fathers who were old and infirm could not get up & run
To save their children from certain death
Oh God! Where were you?
When in your world, in your Delhi thousand of
Innocent were being massacred
And the murderers were dancing and drinking.
It appears you are non-existent
Oh God! If you are really here, appear
If you are not deaf listen,
If you are not blind see and cry.
But oh God! You did nothing
Neither you punished the criminals
Nor you helped in ending the crime wave
That continued for four days
Some criminals were punished by the sufferers
But this revenge caused more suffering
More and more innocents were killed
Either by terrorists or by Police
This tragedy went on for years
Till time healed same wounds
Oh people! Awake
There is no God in heaven
If at all he is there, he is not omnipotent
You have to guard yourself
You are to help the victims yourself.

August 28, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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