H C Singh

Trains To Hell 1984

Some trains were leaving Delhi
But unlike in normal days no train crossed border of Delhi
And no train from outside, reached Delhi
Every train was held up somewhere near Delhi border
Sikh passengers were being dragged out by lumpins
Who removed their turbans
Those who resisted received blows of iron rods
Their hands feet were tied with their turbans
Or their turbans twisted into ropes
One end tied around their necks
And the other end was pulled by ruffians
Some passenger locked themselves in toilets
Saved their lives to tell others the fate their brother met
A few saved themselves by getting under the seat
So that they could save themselves by holding their breath
There were soldiers going on leave after defending
Indian borders

Or returning from home leave to defend our borders
They too, met the same fate
Inspite of their uniforms and protests
There were some rich Sikhs
Who were looted and done to death
For goondas and their leaders all they wanted were Sikhs.
They forgot that they were Guru Teg Bahadurs Sikhs
Who had laid down his life for Hindu faith and Hindustan
Ultimately when a few trains arrived at Delhi Railway Station
There were only dead or wounded Sikhs
The relatives who came to receive them
Cried and some fainted at the railway station
Yet some decent men of all faiths offered
Them first aid, water and food
Arranged to send them to their homes.

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