H C Singh

Chapter XIII (2000 – 2009)

India is an unequal country as rightly stated by Amratya Sen. It means there is no equality because of caste differences and ownership of vast property in urban areas by few and of agricultural land mainly owned by Landlords who hire labourers from their own area or even migrants from Bihar and UP. Accordingly majority in villages are landless farmers. In the urban areas, in every city, particularly metropolitan city there are slums or jhugis where tens of thousands citizens who have come in search of jobs and livelihood from many parts of rural India live. Women do household Jobs as there is no equality between men and women and men pull Rikshaws or handcarts or work as domestic servants, even that if they are lucky or ready to pay a share of their earnings to the “neta” of that area who keeps muscle men to collect the requisite amount. The defaulters are deprived of the means of transport and livelihood and often are beaten up.

The only solution to end inequalities and make this country from unequal to “equal” for every citizen is to make provision for Job to everyone, provide compulsory free education for all children, unemployment allowance, so that they do not starve and old age pension to all old men and women or senior citizens whether they are villagers or live in cities’ slums. Unless these reforms are constitutionally made and implemented fully and honestly this country will remain an “unequal” country or within one there will be two countries one for the poor and another for the rich. It is not enough to make 50% women mostly illiterates heads of Panchayats in villages when any of their relatives or strongmen of the area get her (Panchayat Pradhan’s) thumb impression on any paper accusing some one who is innocent or giving freedom to one who has committed some crime.

While government has been miser in spending on poor and underprivileged, it has been spending crores every year or foreign trips of Ministers and senior officials, popularly called Babus. Even during short lived Charan Singh Government, 30 years back, 40 senior official of the Central Government had gone abroad on one pretext or other. How can be ministers far behind. Every minister almost twice a week has been going abroad to West, Middle East or Far East. Prabhu Chawla specifically mentions the name of Fazalur Rehman, the then Labour Minister, who visited West Asian countries like Dubai Muscat, Kwait, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia to assess “ways and means to increase employment opportunities for Indian migrants.” It is not only the story of 30 years back but even today the expenditure on Ministers and Senior Civil Servants on their foreign and domestic tours is exceedingly high. For example when Mulayam Singh Yadav was Defence Minister he mostly went to UP. Particularly Lucknow, in military aircraft to his constituency. Can it be justified?

It is a sorry state of affairs even after 62 years of independence. The blame for inequalities and poverty must fall on Congress under Nehru who ruled for 17 years and then Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and now Manmohan Singh though PM but is under supermacy of Sonia Gandhi who is UPA President and actual ruler of UPA government. Out of 62 years Congress has ruled for 55 years. Including congress politicians like Morarji Desai, Narsimaha Rao and V.P Singh though none of these deserved to be Prime Minister of India.

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