H C Singh

Social Accountability

Government spends tax payers money to improve the lot of poor, particularly those living in rural areas. But the problem is that it is not certain that even a fraction of money allotted reaches the poor in villages because of the fact that implementation goes down from Centre to State, State to District level, from District to Local administration in village or group of villages. At the lowest level down from District level, because of corruption the really needy and destitute farmers hardly get 10 to 20% of 25 to 30% farmers. There should be social auditing at all levels particularly at District and below District level.

“According to latest procedure and implementation of tax payers money, it is said that the experience of other developing countries suggests that using new expenditure and budget management IT system as the lynchpin for organizational reform, could work in India. This process, while beginning at the national level would have to be down to the states which are key to better expenditure management, even when funds originate from the centre. Structure must follow the strategy from the centre. Structure must follow the strategy of getting from outlays to outcomes.”

It is not enough for the government to allocate money, it is more important to be vigilant through a system as outlined above that the money allotted reaches the persons, particularly in villages, poor farmers, poor artisans like cobblers and black-smiths and it should be monitored form down to upward. There should also be a N.G.O as well as government sponsored organization to keep constant watch so that there is no fraud in disbursement at lowest level.

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