H C Singh

Suicides of Farmers

There have been seven suicides of farmer in one day in vidharba region of Maharshtra, raising this year’s number of suicides by farmers in distress to stunning number of 639 as reported by a Non Government organization (NGO) on Saturday the 5th September 2009. Prolonged dry spell has damaged standing crops of soyabean and cotton. These are two main cash crops of the region. Even the genetically modified BT cotton seed could not stop the pest attack, as it was claimed, as more than 90% farmers had used BT cotton seed, the spray of pesticides to their crops could not save these crops that is why such an unprecedentedly large number of farmers have committed suicide, particularly in district of Yavatmal.

Though for the last two months there has been dry spell in most of Vidhaba, in some areas shortfall of rain has been more than 40%. It is strange that neither the State Government of Maharashtra nor Y B Chavan Agriculture Minister of Central Govt who belongs to Maharshtra did not take relief measures in time to save farmers from comitting suicide in such large numbers. There have been no such suicides to that extent in any other state though many states particularly in the south India had faced drought and are coping with the miseries.

Every year Monsoon fails or is in shortfall in many areas of India, mostly Southern states and Rajasthan, sometimes parts of Punjab and Haryana. It is high time Central Government appoints a permanent high powered body with lot of stocks of food grains and also with good amount of funds for relief to farmers in distress.

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