H C Singh


Love is ability to sacrifice ones own interest for the one whom one loves; Love is to feel for one whom one loves; love is subline feeling of wishing always good of one whom one loves; love is to ignore the faults of one whom one loves; love is to suffer silently and deliberately for the well being of one whom one loves. Love above all is subline sentiment that is embedded in the nature of the man for excellence, who can sacrifice his own personal interest, his own welfare, his own ego for the one whom one loves. Love is spontaneous and selfless without regard to any contraction or even praise or acknowledgement.


          If one can have this quality of selflessness and feeling for others then alone one can love – his parent who have given him life and brought him up after unknown  sacrifices; his brothers and sisters who have during his childhood and thereafter shared his joys and sorrows; his friends in school, college and neighborhood who have stood by him through thick and thin; his beloved who as ones first love in adolescent years, whether one has succeeded in having the beloved as life companion or not, his wife who has given him love and children whether one has loved her before marriage or not; his children whether they are healthy or not, beautiful or not, intelligent or not, successful or not. Love for ones country, culture and mother tongue is as significant as any other love, whether the country is rich or poor whether it had given him much, little or nothing. Similarly love for mother tongue and culture, whether the language is developed or not whether culture is superior or equal to other cultures of the world or not.


          To sum up: love is absence of greed so that one is not envious or jealous of others wealth, property or high status in society. Love is absence of ego-feeling that one is supreme in one aspect of life or other. Love is absence of hatred even for known bad characters.


          Thus love is greatest virtue; it is doing greatest good to those whom one loves. Love of humanity and help to needy human beings is greatest religion and highest morality.





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