H C Singh

Love Of Parents for Children is Divine

As parents are the real and only gods, at least gods on the earth, so parents love for children is the most selfless. They will not eat till their children have eaten, they will not sleep till their tiny tots have slept. The starving mother will feed her child from her dry breasts even though she has not taken a morsel for days. If children fall and get hurt, the physical pain is of the child but psychological pain, which is even far more severe, is of parents. If children are away for more than usual time the parents suffer the pain of separation and start feeling the worst even though children might be playing in a neighborhood home, or  little distance away.


          Similarly, children who have imbided love and affection in good measure love their parents, particularly old parents, helpless parents, parents suffering from so many infirmities, and other sufferings due to loss of property, source of independent income, insecurity etc.


          Conflict in our social life arises and arises too often when old parents, young wife and small children have equal and simultaneous demands on a person’s love; even his sisters demand more than equal love and attention than due to beloved wife, particularly the unmarried young sisters. Under these circumstances it is really a tough time for the person who is decent civilized and in love with his parents, his children, his wife and his younger sisters. For one who is unscrupulous and without love it is easy to discard his parents and sisters and be devoted though superficially to his wife and children because essentially he is in love with only himself, which is not love but selfishness bordering meanness.


          The success of the man in love with all around him depends on resolving these conflicts amicably without at least minimum possible hurt to the feelings of any of the conflicting parties devoting equal measure of his love and devotion. Who needs more love particularly at the time of the crisis, the ailing mother on deathbed or the young wife. There are cases not as simple as the above one where decision is very difficult and requires firm foundation in love and decency and selflessness. These are the qualities in that man, who loves and becomes love personified, which resolve such complex social and psychological problems, which no amount of teaching and training can give simple and straight solution. One has to find the solution with faith and devotion in goodness, love and selflessness.  




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