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On Disintegration of Pakistan

Ayesha Jalal, a celebrated historian of Pakistan even admits that for the last 62 years since its creation, Pakistan has been battling for the survival, though being a Pakistani she does not admit or say that Pakistan is facing disintegration. Though she has written about Taliban, their creation by USA and Pakistan to communist from Afghanistan, which had virtually become a communist country for a number of years. “US and Saudi Arabia” gave billions of dollars to Pakistan Army to east communist from Afghanistan and Afghan comments who supported Soviet Union and established communist government in Muslim Afghanistan. Pakistan Army funded the substantial amount of this money to Madrassas in NWFP and tribunal areas….. these madrassas become assembly lives fro militants who were considered to be an asset to the Pakistan Army’s quest for strategic depth om Afghanistan. Once the Russians left the Army continued to ‘Jehad’ in Afghanistan and Kashmir to the determinant of Pakistan’s internal security. 

          Being a Pakistani she has not concluded or mentioned in the article that NWFP which had been part of Afghanistan would want independence from Pakistan and be an independent  country or join Afghanistan. Pakistan is battling for survival because of Jehadi’s led by Talibans of NWFP and not Jehadis of any type in Punjab or Sindh.

           Similar is case of Balochistan, where militants are fighting for independence. Another Pakistani writer Omer Farooq Khan says about Swat, there is no guarantee of success and a few India of success for so troubled a region.. What happens in Balochistan where seportist movement has waged its own war since 2004? What happens then ? Does a new fault line taking failing   Pakistan to the point of no return? It will be observed that both the prominent Journalist of Pakistan are of the opinion that Pakistan has reached ‘point of no return’ so far as unified Pakistan with NWFP and Balochistan as its provinces is concerned, its fate depends on the fate of USA’s failure or success in Afghanistan. If USA fails in Afghanistan as it failed in Vietnam war against communists then Pakistan cannot remain unaffected. It may face disintegration as flow of billions of dollars from USA and Saudi Arabia will stop and Pakistan’s Army may not get incentive to fight or even get normal pay and allowances.


          India has suffered for almost 62 years from Pakistan’s menace and its sending armed Talibans or other tribal from NWFP to Kashmir. This criminal folly of Pakistan has cost heavy tall of Army and para military personnel as well as Kashmir’s peaceful citizens. Pakistan’s encouragement, financing and arming of Taliban and other terrorists  led to many attacks in India, to name few, attack on Parliament, attack on Bombay train and latest attack on Taj Hotel killing many, including foreign citizens. Thus India would be anxiously watching when NWFP secedes or becomes calm and quiet. Whether Pakistan remains intact or disintegrates.  

Even in 1952 when Pakistan was well established and there was no tribal problem, if any, it was being ignored, LOVEDAY PRIOR in his book Punjab Prelude, writes: “A substantial portion of Pakistan revenue is allotted to trans border tribes to buy them off, all the same both these are being stirred up by Afghanistan to claim the secession of NWFP and other tribal areas from Pakistan.”

           East Pakistan i.e. East Bengal now Bangladesh has already seceded from Pakistan because Pakistan tried to impose West Pakistan Army and Urdu language on Bengalis. This had failed and with the help of neighboring India it seceded and came to be known as Bangladesh, an independent country. Similarly Pakistan, all these 62 years has been trying to impose Urdu, the national language of Pakistan on Pashtu speaking Pathans nut has failed.

           Intervention in Afghanistan to finish the Taliban rule and eliminate Talibans, there are daily attacks by American Air Force on tribal Taliban in Baluchistan  border and even in NWFP. Already Swat Valley in NWFP virtually declared independence and it was reluctantly recognized by Zardari Government as it had signed Peace Agreement with violent Talibans then. But Talibans continued to fight. Pakistan is in dilemma if it is too tough on Talibans, it will face their wrath more ferociously. On the other hand, if Pakistan is lenient, it will lose American support and money to survive. Thus dismemberment of Pakistan is now a greater possibility than ever before. Talibans, a creation of Pakistan and USA so as to oust Communists, in which they succeeded, and Afghanistan became free of Communists. NWFP has become Talibans and other terrorists breeding ground and headache for USA, Pakistan and even India. How long Pakistan with help from USA will be able to control by war and bombing Talibans? This war cannot go on forever and even for long. Accordingly, further dismemberment of Pakistan seems a possibility, after East Pakistan having seceded. Americans cannot go on fighting in Afghanistan for decades to save Pakistan from Taliban’s and its eventual dismemberment.

           Pakistan, in this unprecedented turmoil, is not in a position to enter into any agreement on Kashmir with India. It is therefore better to see which way the wind blows: whether NWFP remains part of Pakistan or not.

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