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Decline of Global Warming Imminent

Solar power aircraft invented and successfully launched by Swiss Scientists heralds a new era which will certainly lead to decline in the use of petroleum and other fossil fuels for energy. Not only that the solar powered aircraft cruised round the world during sunlight but even at night it continued its 24 hours journey round the world with solar energy that had been collected in the aircraft and preserved for use during the night. It is a great and almost unprecedented landmark in the use of solar energy.

Since more than a decade solar energy is being used all over the world for democratic purposes as well as for villages in India, in particular in place of electricity. In Germany use of fossil fuels has almost been ended and replaced by solar energy and nuclear power. All over the world use of fossil fuels has come down because of consciousness to reduce global warming as it is causing havoc because of unprecedented floods in parts of Northern Europe and Alaska in North America because of melting of snow in the Arctic.

Now about some facts about the aircraft that travelled round the world with solar power on 8th of July 2010 as reported by Reuters’. “The Solar Impulse HB S/A, a glider like aircraft with 63.4 metre wingspan (almost as wide as an airbus A 340’s) set world records for the longest and the highest solar power flight in Thursday morning by remaining airborne for 26 hours and 9 minutes. At night it used solar energy in stored batteries.”

“ The carbon fiber aircraft reached a maximum speed of 68 knots (126 kmph) and a maximum altitude of 8564 metres.”

“The projects next milestone will be a solar powered Atlantic crossing for which another prototype will be built.”

There are photographs of the Chief Engineer Scientist as well as the caleberated pilot. “ Solar Impulse team Chief Bertrand Piceard and CEO and pilot Andre Borschberg celebrate after landing at the Payerne airport in Switzerland on Thursday morning. Piceard already holds the record for completing the first round the world flight in a hot air balloon in 1999.”

Journey round the world from a balloon in 1999 to solar powered aircraft in 2010 is a remarkable achievement and it gives Switzerland and the whole world, pride and hope that during next 10 years, at the most there will be further outstanding achievements in the use of solar power. A day may come that all aircrafts all over the world use solar power in all their flights though it will take time to manufacture new aircrafts made of carbon fiber or some newly invented material for using and preserving solar energy.
Eliminating use of petroleum products and fossil fuels will certainly not only lead to decline in global warming but may in a decode or so absolutely eliminate global warming.

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