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India and China Shine

According to International Monetary Fund (IMF) GDP growth of China and India is the highest in the entire world. India comes as number one because India is a democracy while, though China’s GDP, set to grow during 2010, is a little higher, China is a dictatorship with controlled economy, though with doses of liberalism. However it is heartening to note that whole of Europe America and even Japan are far behind in GDP growth. According to latest IMF figures of GDP growth during 2010 of selected important countries of the world is as under:

High growth countries of GDP

China – 10.5%

India – 9.5%

Brazil – 7.1%

Modest growth of GDP

Mexico – 4.5%

Russia – 4.1%

USA – 3.3%

Slow growth of GDP

Japan – 2.4%

France – 1.4%

Germany – 1.4%

UK – 1.3%

Negative growth of GDP

Spain (-) 0.4%

There are more than one hundred countries whose growth of GDP% has not been mentioned in the Newspapers. There are countries of Europe like Holland, Denmark, Italy and Portugal as well as Czechoslovakia and other countries of Eastern Europe. No country of Middle East and Africa has been mentioned. P-rosperous countries like Turkey, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand have been forgotten.

Just as Chinas high GDP is because of China’s dictatorship under Maoist communism but India’s highest GDP amongst Democracies of the world is despite India’s 30 per cent people living below poverty line and most of them not in regular organized or unorganized employment because they are either landless farmers or from so called SC and other backward classes. In addition India’s polities and political parties are not stable. Besides there are many corrupt leaders of political parties, other politician and even civil servants and some army officers.

In spite of all these shortcomings India is shining because of industrial growth which is highest, mainly due to cheap labour. A worker in American and European industry costs 50 times more than an Indian worker. Thus India’s achievement is remarkable in export of textiles, handicrafts etc. In addition India’s Technocrats of information technology, Business managers and doctors as well as world famous entrepreneur like Mittals amongst the Richest ten people of the world. They have done India proud and has contributed the most in India’s growth to make India shine, almost the most, in the comity of nations.

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  1. We should appreciate the progress of India but we should keep things in perspective and not get blown away with India shining slogan; problems that is affecting us as a country and these problems are multi dimensional like povert, corruption, criminalization of politics, non accountability and non performance of our elected representatives.

    South Korea in 1953 was poorer than India, and had just come out of civil war….60 years down the line a country which is 32 times smaller than India and with population of 50 million, has economy bigger than India. Now this is the real food for thought…..

    World is appreciating and applausing Indian miracle growth because the boy who always stood last; in class of 100 has improved his performance and now ranks at 80 instead of getting the last rank. – “Pappu paas hogaya”

    It is not that we are poor, its our government policy which has made us poor.

    The life of individual and nation is almost identical, its the attitude and policy matters.

    South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan were poorer than India 60 years back, now they are developed economies.

    Dhirubhai Ambani was pertrol pump attendant in 1960 in Yemen and at that time Godrej and Walchand were billionaires. now look where Reliance Industries is and where Godrej and Walchands are…

    So bottom line is we have to give education and opportunites to poor people of India (the ones with smelly,dirty clothes, who are seen at every traffic light in India are infact Indian citizens) otherwise Naxalism will grow and the idea of india; would be lost……

    Comment by thoughtsoflostsoul | July 13, 2010 | Reply

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