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FIFA WORLD CUP- Happiness and Sorrow

FIFA World Cup was the happiest occasion for the whole world as it extended to almost 30 days. Televisions all over the world remained switched on for 12 to 18 hours every day. Even in a country like India T.V Channels of NDTV 24-7 and India News remained switched on in most of the homes and even in offices. If India had been one of the 32 countries in FIFA Indians would have watched T.V with greater enthusiasm and in greater numbers. It is a bit regrettable that from Asia only three small countries, Japan, North Korea and South Korea were amongst the 32 nations participating in FIFA while even China and Australia remained unrepresented.

FIFA world cup competition was mainly between four European countries viz. Spain, Germany, Netherland and Italy and four Latin American countries viz. Brazil, Argentina, Chili and Uruguay. Mexico, England, France and USA were there to play one or two matches each. There was a small country of Africa namely Ghana which played well and won a match like Japan and Korea. South Africa though not a prominent Soccer playing country organized the FIFA World Cup splendidly. Never before in 2004 or earlier World Cup became so interesting and charming because of dance and drama which was a daily feature to entertain the spectators in Johannesburg and on T.V the whole world.

When German team defeated Brazil in quarterfinal to reach semifinal the entire Germany celebrated it and on the other hand all the spectators of Brazil, which had been winning World Cup many a times, actually cried and their tears could not be wiped. Similarly when Spain triumphed in the final by defeating Netherland thousands of Spanish citizens who had specially come to South Africa celebrated the victory with such an enthusiasm that the whole world enjoyed their Jubilation in Spain and in the stadium of Johannesburg. In contrast the team of Netherland and the country were in sorrow because Netherland had lost the final by one goal and that, too, scored in extra time.

After jubilations and happiness, there was sorrow. It is unfortunate and regrettable that while the victory celebrations of Spain were going there was suicide bombing twice in Uganda killing 74 including an American on the spot and injuring many more including a dozen Americans. Here are some extracts from Wall Street Journal.

 “The three prolonged attack unfolded around 10:30 PM local time said Ms Nicholas, as some fans watched the final World Cup match in South Africa between Spain and Netherlands on television. The blasts occurred at a Rugby club, an Ethopian restaurant and a bar popular with foreign tourists. The police suspected suicide bombers carried out the attacks because some body parts were charred beyond recognition but some investigation were continuing, she told reporters in Kampala. Meanwhile the Islamic militant group al Shahaab in Somalia claimed responsibility for the attack.”

 “We have reached our objective” said the senior al Shahaab militant, who declined to be named. “We killed many Christians in the enemy capital (Kampala)” he said in a telephone interview. The report mentions: Several Americans, part of a Church group from Pen Sylvania were wounded at the Ethopian restaurant where the second blast occurred. The blasts marked a violent end to what had been largely peaceful World Cup in South Africa.”

“American President Barack Obama is deeply saddened by the loss of life resulting from these deplorable and cowardly attacks and sends his condolences to the people of Uganda. The US President has pledged US assistance to Uganda following violence. British and French leaders also condemned the cowardly blasts.”

As the news reached USA in no time and as Americans were injured and some killed and the attack is said to be by Islamic militants on Christians there was spontaneous condemnation by world leaders the same day, the same time. Indians and Indian leaders, too, are shocked and condemn the cowardly attack on peaceful Ethopian and Americans watching the World Cup final on Television.

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