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Arun Shouries’s Book – Are We Deceiving Ourselves Again? Brief Review

This is a book based on primarily on Chinese aggressions and uncalled for War against India. Prior to 1962, Chinese PM Chou Enlai developed most cordial relations with Indian Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru. The welcome accorded in 1955 to PM Nehru was so well organized that millions of Chinese gathered on roads to greet him and India, as per direction of Chinese government. It was unprecedented as so far never the Chinese PM along with a foreign countries PM, even that of USSR, travelled in open car, accepting the greetings along with Indian or any foreign PM or head of State.

Pt. Nehru was so excited that on return to India, of all the persons he wrote a letter to Edvina Mountbatten wife of Governor General of India belonging to UK a foreign country after independence. It was because Nehru as PM of independent India, contrast to being a British colony, treated Lord Mountbatten almost as if he was supreme power and not a titular head and thus Pandit Nehru’s boss. Here are few extracts from letter:

“I had a welcome in China, such as I have in big cities of India and that is saying a great deal. I do not think there was any precedent for it in China. The welcome given to me was both official and popular. It is said probably correctly, that a million people took part in it on the day of my arrival in Paking”

Nehru further wrote: “It was not only the numbers but their obvious enthusiasm. There appeared to be something emotional in it” He concluded the long letter running into more than a two typed pages that at many functions in his honour attended by “as many as 700 or 800 guests of all types apart from the official hierarchy and the diplomats, there were scientist, medical men, professors in the colleges etc, actors and actresses and specially honoured workers at the end. Even there was genuine enthusiasm. I would have been less than human if I had not been influenced by all this.”

Panditji was so led or (eventually) misled by Chinese reception given to him that he wrote to the Chief Ministers of India praising China, saying that “China entirely for its own sake wants peace”.

Just after 7 years in 1962 all hopes of Pandit Nehru of peaceful relations with China dashed when China attacked, after invasion of Tibetan area intrusions in Ladakh, and launched attack on India, that too, without any negotiations by Chou Enlai with Jawahar Lal Nehru. It was a big betrayal by China which deceived (keeping in view unprecedented welcome to Nehru in Paking in 1955) .

When the intrusion in NEFA of Indian territory by Chinese troops started, Pandit Nehru our PM and his Defence Minister Krishna Menon never took it seriously. Nehru left for official visit to Ceylon saying I have ordered my army to throw Chinese troops out.” Our inexperienced Defence Minister, who was known to be arrogant and never spoke or heard Army Generals quietly and courteously, felt helpless and could not function as Defence Minister to order and accomplish the mission of ‘ throwing out Chinese troops’. Details of this humiliating war and its consequences are well known. Ultimate result was shocking not only for Indian people but for Pandit Nehru who could not bear the disgrace and deception at the hands of Chou Enhai’s China and succumbed and died in a couple of years.

Arun Shourie who was minister in BJP Government under PM Vajpayee had access to confidential papers and so he wrote this book which is quite authentic, his conclusion is, as the title of the book suggests authentically and forcefully- ‘Lessons Chinese taught Pandit Nehru but which we refuse to learn.’ It is apt to conclude this brief review with quotation from Arun Shorie as under:

Why and on what reasoning did he scotch all warnings- those of Sardar Patel, Rajaji, Shyama Parsad Mukherjee, Acharya Kripalani, MR Masani, young Vajpayee and every officer who took courage to document what the Chinese were upto in Tibet and along our entire border?

Pandit Nehru and India should have strengthened the NEFA with best troops and best equipment when China had invaded Tibet and even occupied areas of India in Ladakh and Aksaichin after having built roads. We must be vigilant and avoid such a catastrophe in future for the sake of India, so that we are not deceived again by China or Pakistan or any other country.

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