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Barack Obama- The Audacity of Hope: Brief Comments and Review

As the title of the Book signifies, President Obama has been exceptionally bold and fearless in writing this autobiography. This fearlessness, courage and determination has made a first non-white American President who was just an ordinary American citizen, though well educated in law and political science. After completing his education he taught in Chicago Law school. When Obama came to Chicago he lived and worked in what he called “low income neighbourhood”. He was a dedicated civil right worker when a seat in legislature fell vacant he decided to stand for it. When he was canvassing from house to house, shop to shop, street to street someone asked him “when you seem like a nice enough guy. Why do you want to go into something dirty and nasty like politics”. But young Obama was determined and with the consent of his wife decided to go ahead and he won. He worked hard as a legislature and earned a good name so he felt encouraged and more determined. In 2000, after six years, he stood for membership of American Senate which was most important and decidedly most difficult to win. Obama lost the election badly, felt humiliated but did not lose heart as he was ever a strong and determined man. As he says “a year and a half later the scars of that loss sufficiently healed”

Victory, defeat and again, with perseverance and determination, victory are part of political life and career, for anyone who joins politics despite it being considered dirty or as the saying goes ‘ last resort’ Similarly in any career there are bound to be setbacks one should not lose heart. If one follows Obama there is bound to be success in business or any other career, in due course.

Obama wrote this book when he was a member of US Senate, even after having got defeated badly once he triumphed next time. He had to care for his wife, his two little daughters though his wife reluctantly consented to his joining politics and continuing to strive for higher positions from membership of state legislature to senate twice and finally for fighting elections to be President of USA, despite being a non-white: Obama’s winning the election for Presidentship was unique.

Obama frankly said without fear: “I am angry about policies that consistently favour the wealthy and powerful over average Americans and insist that the government has an important role in opening up opportunity for all” He did not forget or was never ashamed of his heritage and the discrimination that black and coloured American had suffered for centuries. In his words: I can’t help but view the American experience through the lens of a black man of mixed heritage for ever mindful of how generations of people who looked like me were abjugated and stigmatized and the subtle and not subtle ways that race and class continue to shape our liver”. It is a great tribute to present day Americans that despite the views expressed by Barack Obama he was elected President. That shows USA has really become a classless society. Further proof is election of Boby Jindal, originally an Indian Hindu, now an American Christian, as senator and nomination of Nikky Haley, similarly an Indian Sikh by birth and now Christian politician who is likely to be in US Senate in November 2010.

About economic progress and social progress of USA during last 30 to 40 years Obama’s views are clear, leaving aside the economic and financial crises of 2009 and 2010. “Over the last 30 years average earning of American men have grown less than 1 percent after being adjusted to inflation. Meanwhile the cost of, from housing to health care to education has steadily risen. What has kept a large swath of American families from falling out of the middle class has been Mom’s pay check.”

In India too despite inflation the condition of middle class has improved as more and more women in India are getting employment in all spheres, making it possible for middle class families to have better standard of living, better housing and health and education. According to New York Times Obama’s ‘The Audacity of Hope’ has been ‘No 1 best selling’ in USA. As Obama had promised he has achieved by ending 7 year old war in Iraq. All credit must go to Obama. It is also hoped that soon or by the end of 2010 American 10 year old war in Afghanistan will also be over. As such Obama will be remembered in USA and all over the world as man of peace and determination.

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