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Second Afghan War – India to be Alert

William Dalrymple, a renowned Writer has called the present American war in Afghanistan as 2nd Afghan war. First Afghan war was fought in 1842-1843 when England in its arrogance as a supreme power, attacked Afghanistan and suffered the most humiliating defeat when British East India Company lost 40,000 soldiers, only 40-50 were able to survive Afghan onslaught. As it was East India Company’s folly in 1840, so is the American folly under George Bush in the year 2000. In 19th Century England as biggest and strongest colonial power in which, as they said,’ Sun never set’, thought of conquering Afghanistan or at least subduing it, so that it does not, as it was feared, join the Russian czarists against British. Similarly USA considered itself, after the breakup of USSR, the only super power in the world. Accordingly USA thought that it can subdue Afghanistan, after dominating Latin America and whole of Europe as the founder and organizer of NATO and its dominant and supreme leader.

USA forgot about its virtual defeat in China, where after the war in 1945, it intervened on the side of Chiang Kai Shek against Mao communist movement and after a prolonged struggle lost whole of Chinese mainland and Chiang had to flee. America also failed to recall or learn lesson from its humiliating defeat in Vietnam where 80,000 American soldiers lost their lives and ultimately USA had to evacuate its diplomatic staff and some other military personnel, who survived, by helicopters from the roof of American Embassy building. Yet America unnecessarily intervened in Afghanistan a decade back to annihilate Talibans who were in fact American creation with the help of Pakistan to turn out Russian soldiers from Afghanistan and topple the communist government of Kabul in which they succeeded because of fight and sacrifice by Taliban of Afghanistan, though USA had provided them money, arms and equipment.

Afghanistan’s present puppet regime of Karzai which hardly controlled one third of Afghanistan and despite American bombing in the hideouts of Taliban for the last almost 10 years they could not defeat or ever demoralize Talibans. Taliban are resentful of USA because they feel that when they attacked Russian soldiers to turn them out of Afghanistan USA and Pakistan considered them as “freedom fighters” and now they consider Taliban as enemies and terrorists and have been killing them, their women and children in Afghanistan as well as in parts of Pakistan, NWFP and Baluchistan by incessant daily attacks by drones and other means.

Now Talibans instead of being defeated and accepting defeat are encircling Kabul and its adjoining territories with a view to over throw Karzai government and end American intervention. America has already lost thousands of American soldiers as well as NATO soldiers. It is reported on 5th Sept 2010 that America and NATO have lost 500 soldiers up to August, while during whole of 2009 only 500 were lost as per Reuters tally. After having ended US combat operation or war in Iraq. President Obama is now realizing the inability of USA to eliminate Talibans, so is preparing for withdrawal of US combat forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2010. Obama seems to be determined man and believing in peace and harmony is likely to succeed in ending war in Afghanistan as he has done in Iraq. Obama rightly thinks it is more important to devote time and money for development of US economy which has suffered a lot during 2008 and 2010. By the end of 2010, as Karzai has set up a committee to negotiate with Taliban America, NATO and in fact whole world will be relieved, thank him and appreciate his efforts. Obama has also called to USA Israeli PM and Palestinian President to discuss and agree for lasting peace. Another meeting has been called for Sept 14-15 to finalize the agreement. Obama is likely to succeed.

It is high time that India should realize the futility of helping Karzai government with construction of Infrastructure and sending to Afghanistan hundreds of Indian workers. Government of India have 3 months to steadily reduce the Indian Embassy staff and Indian workers, in view of hostility of Talibans towards India. Talibans believe that India has been serving American interests as American ally like other NATO countries without militarily supporting American war in Afghanistan. Talibans even consider Pakistan as their enemy and are attacking now and then with suicide bombing even places far off as Quetta and Lahore. In India, too, Taliban are helping Kashmiri dissidents with arms and men to create unrest, in a revengeful manner. Thus government of India should give first priority to end American sponsored assistance to Afghanistan and start recalling back Indian workers.

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