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Ayodhya Verdict Review and Solution

When the Ayodhya Verdict was announced by Allahabad High Court all political parties and all Hindus and Muslims heaved a sign of relief, expressing satisfaction over a long awaited verdict. The verdict was balanced and not one-sided. Even the governments of UP and Delhi, in particular and Central government, too, which were fearing unrest after H.C Verdict had deployed thousands of security Personnel to maintain peace. Before the announcement of historic verdict BJP and its allies feared that verdict might be completely in favour of Muslims allotting whole of Babri Mashid complex to them. On the other hand Muslims particularly Sunis too, feared that verdict may be fully in favour of Hindus. But High Court seemed to be just to both Hindus and Muslims.

Learned judges of Allahabad High Court in their just verdict had divided Babri Masjid complex of 60 acres of land in three parts, giving two parts of Ram temple and Sita Rasoi to Hindus and third part where part of Babri Masjid stood to Muslims. With the passage of time both Hindus and Muslims decided to go to Supreme Court in appeal for improving the HC award in their favour. It must be mentioned that two judges of High Court out of there viz, Honourable judges Aggarwal and Khan gave majority Judgment that created history because one of the two judges was a Hindu and other Muslim. While the third judge of HC, Mr Sharma went too far in favour of Hindus, so his views have been ignored by both Hindus and Muslims.

P.C. Chidambaram, Home Minister, belonging to Congress Party in UPA, has announced that the verdict of Allahabad High Court has not approved demolition of Babri Masjid. But the Congress is worried because after the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992, Congress lost to BJP, it fears that if it opposes, in any manner the verdict of Allahabad High Court, it may lose power to BJP in 2012 general elections. So congress is in dilemma. It cannot afford to favour Muslims and it cannot dare appose the verdict or demand is dilution in favour of Muslims. Both Hindus and Muslims are thinking of appealing to Supreme Court. Till then there would be calm and peace as there has been after HC verdict and even for ever. Both Hindus and Muslims and the whole of country should be grateful to two learned judges of Allahabad High Court who gave a verdict of peace and harmony between both Hindus and Muslims and in India. Hope peace and harmony is further highlighted by the following statement by learned secular minded Islamic Scholar Maulana Vahidudin Khan- “Either leave it to the government to implement the court verdict or agree to the relocation of Babri Mosque. There is in reality no third option”. This appears to be the best solution for Muslims to be allotted free of cost land equal to the existing Babri Masjid as well as with reasonable amount for construction. Hindus would be very happy to get the entire Babri Masjid complex for building Ram temple that could be one of the best temples in whole of India, though they, too, like Muslims are thinking of appealing to Supreme Court so that they are not left behind and to demonstrate to the entire Hindu Community that they want the entire Babri Masjid complex to build a befitting Ram Temple.

On 16th Oct both Muslim and Hindu organization decided to appeal to the Supreme Court. First came the decision of All India Muslim Personal Lal Board (AIMPB) to challenge the Allahabad High Court verdict after their special meeting. AQ illyssi its spokesman said after the meeting that “we are only claiming our property back. A mosque cannot be gifted, shifted and sold.” Nirmohi Akhara counsel retaliated in a few moments on the same day: Akhara wants the management rights of the temple and the entire Babri Masjid courtyard in its possession. Earlier Gagan Das head of the Akhara and Hashim Ansari, the original plaintiff had been negotiating a peaceful settlement. But when the Sunni Muslim dominated AIMPB took hardliner’s view, Akhara Mahant Bhaskaran, too, decided to appeal to the Supreme Court defending his decision strongly: Going to Supreme Court is our compulsion now as Sunni Board has already decided on it. Thus on both sides hardliners have had the way over moderates, atleast for the time being. Still it is heartening to note that both sides are willing to negotiate. Now both the parties and the nation has to wait patiently of the decision of Supreme Court which may take months as SC may call for the ASI (Archeological Survey of India) report which is already with HC.

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