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Implications of war between North Korea and South Korea

 There is a confrontation between North and South Korea particularly after North Korea attacked South Korea with missiles. That attack woke up President Obama at 3.30 a.m. He was upset. He got in contact with Beijing to tell them to contact North Korea their ally. China was lukewarm to Washington. As a result there is escalation of war efforts on both sides. North Korea has sent Nuclear Submarine close to South Korea Island and USA too has retaliated by sending ‘Washington’ an important carrier which is nuclear powered and is equipped with nuclear weapons in support of South Korea, close to North Korea waters.

Question arises, can Obama or USA afford a second Korean War, after the first Korean War initiated and waged by USA which ended in 1953 causing loss of lives on both sides. McArthur wanted to proceed further and attack North Korea by crossing the river dividing China and Korea but America wisely abstained from going ahead in views of warnings by China and its ally USSR which had nuclear weapons and openly said that it would support China with all might if USA attack. So USA restrained itself because it had already suffered heavy loss of many thousand lives by supporting Chiang Kai Shek against Mao TS Tang’s communists who finally captured whole of China and established a second biggest communist country in the world at that time.

Now position of China in support of Korea is like it was of Russia in support of China after the Second World War. America could not afford a war with USSR then. Similarly America or Obama cannot afford a second Korea war when USA is still involved in second Afghan War and also in Iraq and is worried about Iran.

Now about the origin of present crises threatening even a nuclear war. North Korea, particularly the young President Kim who is in his 20’s, feel that North Korea and South Korea are one country divided by USA by aggression. Even when the first Korean War ended in 1953 there was no formal peace treaty between North and South Korea and USA. Since 1953 USA has stationed in South Korea large number of troops up to 30000 on date. Notably North Korea has resented pressure of US Army in South Korea since 1953. In the meantime to this day USA is conducting joint military and naval exercises with South Korea. USA also has equipped South Korea with nuclear weapons. USA had prepared to hold one of the biggest military exercises in Korean water in October 2010. When China came to know of it protested so strongly that USA had to cancel it. But to deter North Korea US still conducted Naval exercises with South Korea in November 2010. Clearly confrontation between North Korea and South Korea openly supported by US Army and Navy is going on. Thus deep hostility between two sides, South Korea and USA on one side and North Korea and China on the other has not abated but is reaching the point of danger. China can not abandon its ally North Korea. Similarly it is unthinkable that USA will let South Korea down.

It is a very difficult situation for President Obama whose popularity is declining and during last year it has come down from about 60% to 45 % or so. As stated above USA is involved in Afghanistan for the last ten years without any success despite its sending more US and NATO allies troops, attacking the Taliban hideouts right up to Pakistan’s provinces of NWFP and Baluchistan even with Drone attacks. On the other hand China is rising both economically and militarily. More so there is no opposition in China. Rather Chinese leadership today is more unified than both of USA and Russia, as there is virtually no opposition in China to the government and leadership in power.

China and the world know American leadership is handicapped with its difficulties to take firm action in support of South Korea beyond certain limit. China too would like a peaceful solution of Korean tangle existing for the last 57 years. Possibly the best course is that Chinese PM and American President should meet along with Russia and Japanese leaders and, if possible with North Korean and South Korean leaders to arrive at a lasting settlement of Korean crises. They should consider seriously the unification of North and South Korea into one Korea. The world, neither China nor USA can afford a nuclear war. Entire world is looking forward for peace so as to tackle with problems like that controlling of the pollution of the planet as well as other climatic issues of the world like melting of ice in North and South poles and causing havoc like unprecedented flooding and volcanoes. With the next meeting of Kyoto Protocol on climate being held shortly by Industrial and developed countries both USA and China must concentrate on it than on North and South Korean confrontation.

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