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India-Russia Relations since India’a Independence

 Another historic visit of head of state of Permanent Members of UN Security Council during last three months from October to December 2010 is that of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, for two days from December 20. He has declared on landing in India that Russia and India share a privileged partnership from 1947 to 1962. India under Prime Minister Nehru had trade and defense relations exclusively with erstwhile USSR as PM Nehru had adopted and followed Socialist pattern of society on the model of Russia virtually in all spheres. India had nothing to do with America or with any other Capitalist Country. Though in USSR there was state control under communist dictatorship of Stalin, there was good progress of common man of more than a dozen state, language and cultures resulting in hundred percent employments, education of all communities and particularly old age care. In Feb 1955, Bulganin and Khruschev, two important leaders of the world at that time visited India. They got hero’s welcome as since independence of India no other leader from Europe or America had come to India. Not only Nehru who was socialist but whole India was overjoyed and started feeling recognition of India as a big nation which had came into existence as an independent country only 7-8 years back. But as there was what is known as ‘thought control’ and evils like sending to Siberia thousands of dissenters imprisoning them, torturing many and killing others. USSR disintegrated under Gorbachov and many states like Ukraine in west and Kirgizstan in east got independence. Thereafter independent country Russia started following in stages freedom of speech, free trade and enterprise and within a few years ceased to be communist.

After collapse of USSR as a Communist Union of States, India, too, completely abandoned socialistic pattern of society which had led to so called Inspector rule and no growth of GDP at all for almost20 years. Till 1964, Prime Minister Nehru’s sudden death because of shock of 1962 war with China. With defeat of Indian Army, India started improving economic and defense relations with USA and other European states and with Manmohan Singh becoming Prime Minister, India fully adopted free trade and development of Industries by private enterprise. As a result India’s GDP started growing from 5% to 8% per annum. Simultaneously we had improved relations with non communist Russia since then.

Above is, in brief Indian relations rise and fall with Communist Russia (USSR) and improvement after Russia became free from communist dictatorship. Now about the present visit of Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, which is significant in many spheres.

One of the important issue for the whole world, particularly for USA, is Afghanistan. Pakistan and even Russia and other NATO countries want early settlement of Afghan problem. Russian President has said that Russia is keen about this settlement and Russia is negotiating with Pakistan, Afghanistan and Talibans for early amicable settlement which will be accepted by all concerned. He has asked in an interview whether India will play a part in addressing this issue. India has been helping Afghanistan in construction of roads etc has suffered two attacks by Taliban on Indian Embassy causing a number of casualties. India would definitely like to get out of Afghanistan.

About civil liabilities for nuclear damage bill he cleared Russia India cooperation on peaceful uses of nuclear energy. India is definitely concerned about in contrast to Pakistan which is trying to use nuclear power for war purposes. In the year 2000 Russia and India had strategic partnership. More than that of India’s with USA as India is geographically close to Russia. Russia has remained steadfast in this cooperation and in 2010 this cooperation was ten year old and that is one of the reasons that Russian President made it a point to visit India during December 2010 itself. Russian President has signed many agreements and MOU’s for cooperation in many economic, defense and nuclear spheres. But more significant and far-reaching agreement with India is for the manufacture of Combat Aero planes in India with Russian technology and help; so as to make India go a long way to be self sufficient in the most important field of attaining self sufficiency in Air defense.

Russian President Demitey Medvedev has negotiated Joint Arms Control Treaty with USA, a decade ago its arch rival. President Obama has made efforts and has succeeded in getting clearance from American Government and people. Both Obama and Medvedev are jubilant on this achievement. This sets a precedent for similar Arms control Agreement between USA, Russia, China and India. If this comes through the whole world will be safe and concentrate more on other World problems like global warming and well being of poor people all over the world. Reduced expenditure on defense will automatically increase expenditure on economic and social field around the world. Countries like India have to spend so much on defense that they are unable to substantially improve the condition of their 30 percent citizens below the poverty line. India therefore hails the visit of Russian President. 2011 will usher in new hopes and new achievements in the economic and social spheres.

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