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Rise and Decline of UPA-Some Comments

Congress, which is the majority party in UPA, started declining after Indira Gandhi imposed emergency in 1975. Prior to that Congress used to be in absolute majority in all elections from 1947 onwards. Before 1975 even BJP was almost nonexistent. It was Narsimha Rao who formed the first coalition government through purchase of MP’s like Paswan with more than Rs 50 lakh each. This led to rise of BJP as an alternate party and with Vajpayee as PM it ruled for a full term of 5 years.

After the defeat of BJP in 2004 and unexpected end of BJP government, Congress (I) came into power with the participation of a number of minor political parties like DMK. Sonia Gandhi became UPA head and Manmohan Singh a non-political economist became the Prime Minister of greatest democracy. During 2004 to 2009, UPA started to rise both in the minds of people and politically, so India became so important that other Countries, particularly USA, sought its friendship. What were the achievement of UPA I that it continued to rise during its first full term? Also what were the causes of its mistakes and blunders that it started declining during last two years from 2009 to 2010 and its continuous decline during 2011?

From 2004 to 2009 due to good government, there was progress in economic sphere as well as in external affairs. GDP which virtually remained static during Nehru era because Nehru followed so-called socialistic pattern and virtually banned private enterprises. GDP under UPA I started rising and rose steadily under Narsimha Rao who had inducted Dr Manmohan Singh an economist from World Bank as Finance Minister who introduced mixed economy encouraging private enterprise. Under UPA I with Manmohan Singh as PM GDP had gone up to 8 to 10 percent. Similarly under UPA I India strengthened relations with USA and other so called capitalist countries. Now India was shining as never before.

Because of corruption as symbolized by A Raja, communication minister who made the country suffer a loss of Rs 1,70,000 crores, corruption spread widely in Central Government and State Government all over India and even in Judiciary like an infectious disease. It went on infecting districts and even panchayats became central government, knowingly that A Raja was corruption personified, government at centre did not act or do anything to control it because of political reasons. DMK chief and Chief Minister of Tamilnadu would not like to hear a word against its nominee, minister A Raja and remained adamant on this point for more than 3 months till corrupt practices of A Raja came to light because of disclosure of Nira Radia tapes. Why so? Because UPA II feared fall of its government if DMK withdraw its support even though AIADMK chief came to Delhi and addressed media that if DMK leaves, AIADMK with its support and some MP’s support will not let the UPA II government fall.

Till A Raja was ultimately forced to resign by DMK, government, PM in particular, had continued to support A Raja. Till then Congress and UPA its chief and PM were humiliated as never before when Radia tapes and dozens of her telephones disclosed names of senior politicians, bureaucrats and even journalists, guilty of corruption.

In addition to corruption of A Raja, UPA II suffered a setback because of corruption and mismanagement in CWG particularly by its OC Kalmadi, who is a congress MP. Even after six months or more he has not been convicted though his two juniors were taken into custody and later released.

Corruption in construction and allotment of flats in Adarsh Building, which was originally meant for martyrs of Kargil War but was allowed to be allotted to ministers, bureaucrats and Senior Defense personal. Though Maharashtra C.M. was forced to resign but no conviction has taken place for so many tainted eminent persons as most of them are part of congress government of Maharashtra as that would further tarnish reputation of congress and UPA II. Kapil Sibal has tried to dilute 2G scam but S.C. has asked new telecom minister Sibal to deal with telecom spectrum “with some sense of responsibility”

On the direction of Central Government, C.M. of Jammu and Kashmir did not allow hoisting of India’s national flag ‘Tiranga’ by BJP activists in Lalchowk. It would be recalled that in 1952 Tricolor was hoisted in the same Lalchowk of Srinagar by PM Nehru and Omar’s Abdulla grandfather Sheik Abdullah. Not only that both the eminent leaders of BJP Sushma Swaraj, leader of opposition in Lok Sabha, leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha were first deported to Punjab, outside J&K and then arrested. However they succeeded in hoisting the Tiranga in Jammu. It would have been better for central government and BJP to negotiate to find a peaceful solution to hoisting of National flag. As Sushma Swaraj said, it is the first time, after emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi, when all the opposition leaders were under arrest, the opposition leaders were arrested by Sonia Gandhi- Manmohan Singh congress government of UPA II.

There does not seem any end to decline of UPA II. There are strictures by Supreme Court on the appointment of tainted P J Thomas as Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC). Sushma Swaraj had objected to his appointment because he was facing criminal charges. But her objection was ignored by Manmohan Singh, the PM. Despite SC stricture on Thomas and government. Thomas is not willing to quit to save government from further embarrassment.

Latest charge against UPA II is that it is not disclosing the names of those who had looted India rather Indian poor, of about 500 billion dollars i.e. more than Rs 22 lakh crore in Swiss and German Banks. How long UPA II will keep mum and conceal their names as most of them are politicians and big businessmen, obviously many congress big guns and business giants associated with congress and UPA II? Why, because UPA II fears that all the matters relating to corruption, opposition to holding JPC, Radia tapes, appointment of tainted Thomas as CVC, Adarsh scam and determination of BJP for JPC may lead to fall of UPA II and mid-term elections?


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