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Election Results 2014- Fall of Karunanidhi and rise of Jaya Lalitha. Defeat of Communist in West Bengal after 35 years and rise of Mamta

It is for the first time that communist who have ruled West Bengal for 35 years, largest in Indian political history for any political party have suffered humiliating defeat from Mamta Banerjee, who has been working and aspiring to be chief minister of her home state. Defeat of Communist and victory of Mamta both are historic. It is an old saying that power corrupts and obsolute power corrupts absolutely. At least during last ten years of their rule Communist did not achieve anything for the benefit of Bengali poor or even for Bengal itself. With Tata’s Nano being shunting out of West Bengal and communist suffered a lot because of not only Tata’s but other industrialist and big businessmen avoiding or refusing to set up any industry in West Bengal. Mamta’s TMC has finally won 217 seats and the left only 68.

Because of arrogance of DMK and its leader Karunanidhi and corrupt practices, not only by Raja but actually all the ministers of DMK at centre and Tamil Nadu it proved to be the most corrupt party and government particularly during 2009 to 2011 for which it has paid a heavy price by getting virtually wiped out from the home state Tamil Nadu. Jaya Lalitha, years or so back never expected that she will over throw the well entranched political party DMK and she and her AIDMK will have a chance to form government in Tamil Nadu after gap of more than decades and she will be chief minister of Tamil Nadu and her AIDMK will rule. Finally as election results are out AIDMK of Jaya Lalitha he won 192 seats against only 40 by DMK.

Thus both DMK’s defeat and Jaya Lalita and her AIDMK’S victory are historic. It is to be seen whether she and her party and ministers will learn lesson from
Karunanidhi’s DMK fall and rule honestly and achieve good result during first term so that they continue to rule atleast for two terms and for Tamil Nadu and also attain some remarkable results by uplifting conditions of poor and those below poverty line in Tamil Nadu. Not only Tamil but whole country will be keeping in watch and noting progress in this direction.

Victory by two women politician and their being chief minister of their states is a tribute to democracy in India as well as equality of women in India whose effort and success is appreciated. In contrast in no other democracy including USA there are three women CM’s or head of states ruling their big states UP, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu which constitute more than 30% of India’s population.

On the other hand ruling congress party of Sonia Gandhi as UPA head and Manmohan Singh as a PM have suffered humiliating defeat in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu because of their highest level of corruption during 2009 to 2011 which ruined DMK and congress and its so called corrupt allies. Though Congress has won comfortably in Assam but their loss else where in bigger state Tamil Nadu and west Bengal and elsewhere where many UPA minister and officials have brought humiliation to ruling congress which inherited legacy from Gandhi, Nehru and others since 1947.

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