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From steep fall to some rise of UPA II

From 2009 to March 2011, UPA II had been facing fall in its popularity because of large scale corruption exemplified by 2G’s A Raja, Balwa and many others some of whom are in jail today. Aee this tarnished the image of UPA II. Congress ally Karunanidhi’s DMK by prolonged corruption by A Raja and others when Karunanidhi defended for more than six months, not allowing UPA II to dismiss A Raja for corruption in spectrum licenses .When ultimately Karunanidhi agreed to allow dismissal of A Raja Union Minister, it was rather too late. Still For months because of investigation and finally when charges of corruption were proved he was put behind bars along with his associates Balwa now even Kanimozhi, daughter of Karunanidhi who had been supporting A Raja and was part of A Raja’s corrupt practices may be sent to jail after a week or so.
UPA II not being assertive during these two years, fearing karunanidhi’s DMK withdrawing support to UPA II and even leading to its fall. Both Manmohan Singh PM of UPA II for 6 years and Sonia Gandhi UPA II chairperson were silent spectators to decline of congress and UPA II during two years. They did not even utter a word against DMK of Karunanidhi. Thus UPA II continued to suffer humiliation for almost two years and continued to fall in the eyes of all public and all political parties. On the other hand karunanidhi’s DMK had the worst humiliation because of its complete fall in the early 2014 election giving way to AIADMK’S Jayalalitha to have landslide victory and become CM of Tamil Nadu, Luckily, fall of karunanidhi and his DMK led to the rise of UPA II though congress itself did not win or won more than a few seats both in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. But some rise of congress UPA II continues because of Jaya Lalitha’s alliance with congress and Mamta’s association with congress for landslide victory in West Bengal.
To maintain its rise, UPA II has to modify its policies, even remove from cabinet many ministers who are only spokes person but otherwise ineffective in their thoughts and actions.
If UPA II wants to continue to rise even at lower rate it has to mend its ways. First of all it should take steps to reduce corruption and ultimately become as far as possible, corruption free democracy. It should control inflation and maintain increase in production of industries and even agriculture and fisheries. How can all this be done? Support and alliance with Mamta Banerjee, West Bengal CM and Jayalalitha CM of Tamil Nadu has already compensated for the ouster of Karunanidhi’s DMK in centre. To maintain the rise in states of UPA II in the Lok Sabha election of 2014, in place of Left in west Bengal and Kerela and in place of DMK of Karunanidhi, AIADMK of Jayalalitha, there will be competition between two major national parties, Congress and BJP. By increasing petrol price by Rs 5 per litre, Congress has given an opportunity to BJP to demonstrate at national level and win the support of people all over the country. Congress and UPA II have to be more careful so that there is not much rise in inflation.

Congress should fallow new pattern of inclusive growth. Sustainability of growth process is one factor, the other is reform of public sector, efficient public and private partnership. The other important aspect is understanding and implementing politics of competitive pluralism and secularism and spirit of cooperative federalism. Pakistan our hostile neighbour has developed nuclear technology so much that it has replaced France and has become 4th nuclear power in world after USA, Russia and China. India should pay more attention to its national security and foreign policy. India needs American support to get culprits of 26/11, like Rana and others and also against Pakistan. Next two years are of vital importance for India, as explained, to keep some rise by maintaining excellent growth process and more production, more export and getting much more foreign exchange. India must be careful as it cannot afford political destabilisation during next two years and should be determined to rise.

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