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Impact of Osama Bin Laden’s killing by America.

Obama, President of USA, in particular, had claimed credit for getting killed Osama bin Laden, master-mind of 9/11 attack on Twin Tower in America that destroyed both the towers, killing more than 300 innocent Americans and some foreigners. Since 9/11 USA has been trying its level best to rope in Osama but as Pakistan Army and ISI were protecting him in his hideouts all the time, so there was no success. It is only on 1/5/11 the US intelligence without a hint to anyone even in America organised secret operation to kill Osama in his new hideout of more than a billion dollars constructed by Pakistan close to Pakistan Army regiments. It was a massive building enclosed by high boundary wall guarded by Pakistan Army where Osama bin Laden along with his wife resided with only contact with ISI.

Elimination of Osama bin Laden is no doubt a great achievement for Americans as well as President Obama. But it has far reaching implication. Osama had thousand of followers of El-Quaida and Taliban in Pakistan and even Afghanistan. How can they be happy on the killing of their undisputed leader for decades. These followers are well entrenched in Pakistan, particularly in difficult terrain of Baluchistan bordering Afghanistan and part of NWFP and now even in Punjab and Sindh, from Rawalpindi to Lahore as well Karachi and inaccessible part of Sindh. America is aware of that the LeT was trying to expand and become leader of global Jehad. Homeland Security Council has expressed grave concern in expressing danger world wide particularly terror attacks against India and participating in global Jehad as Lashker is trying to be new El Queda: Already there has been new bomb threat though considered hoax in Delhi which created panic. US envoy to India has already voiced concern for India because of threat by LeT and other terrorist groups in Pakistan after Osama’s killing by US. US Envoy specially referred to 26/11 attack in Mumbai. They (terrorist) killed hundreds of Indians in the 26/11 attack they killed six Americans, too.

In US Congress there was demand that “not a cent” should be given to Pakistan in aid as Pakistan has been using billions of dollars American money to finance terrorist organization like El- Qaeda. On the other hand Pakistan since Osama’s elimination has been openly threatening India.

India today in its cover story has called Pakistan Terroristan. Though by the killing of Osama, America has accomplished the mission after 15 years of 9/11 attack on Twin Tower in USA. But now Americans and even President Obama are no longer as jubilant as they were on May 1 and 2. They are worried about possible repercussions by global terrorism of Pakistani Jehadis who already had meeting in Quetta Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam protesting vigorously against Osama bin Laden having been killed by Americans. Many Pakistanis protest against American’s violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty. Pakistani Army generals have been put to shame as American operation against Osama was close to Kakal Military Academy in Abbottabad. Pakistan Army onlookers. On successful completion of mission by President Obama, he rang up Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari to convey what American had done to kill Osama bin Laden. But America CIA director added that USA had not given notice to Pakistan about the operation ‘because it feared that it may be leaked to EL Qaeda supremo’. Was this the way to treat Pakistan an ally of USA fighting against terror in Afghanistan and Pakistan getting hundreds killed by suicide bombing over last 11 years? Pakistan is in real dilemma whether it should continue to be ally of USA against the violent threats of El-Queda to Pakistan. America, too, is in dilemma as though it also cannot do without alliance with Pakistan. However latest news is that El-Qaeda and Laskar have openly threatened that it will take revenge from USA for killing Osama bin Laden even by launching an attack on America this threat is now cause of real worry to President Obama and American intelligence and people.

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