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Required change in constitutional position of governor in view of Partisan politics of Bhardwaj

Mr. Bhardwaj was Law minister in central government of Congress before being appointed Governor of Karnataka. It was expected of him that being well versed in law he well fallow legal and constitutional procedure in dealing with Yeddyurappa government of Karnataka of the opposition BJP. But Bhardwaj started playing partisan politics, bringing bad name to himself and causing worry to Monmohan Singh government of UPA II by carrying out persistently campaign to oust Karnataka government of Yeddyurappa. The entire BJP has marched to Rashtrapati Bhavan to dismiss Bhardwaj for his unconstitutional and partisan efforts over a long period. Bhardwaj after failure to oust Yeddyurappa government of Karnataka,continued his campaign against Karnataka government which had 120 out of 224 members in Karnataka Assembly and BJP government of Karnataka could easily win the vote of confidence if and when the issue of voting was taken up.

There have been many governors even for decades like Shri SS Barnala who have not interfered at all in the working of state governments when he had been governor of one state or another. No government ever raised a finger that Barnala was partisan. In SR Bommai case the Supreme Court had passed the verdict that the state government can’t be dismissed without a floor test in the state assembly. Was Bhardwaj who was law minister unaware of the decision of Supreme Court? Then why he had been insisting for the ouster of Yeddyurappa government.

UPA II government should have silenced Bhardwaj long back to set a lasting example so that in future no governor works in partisan manner but sticks to only constitutional provisions. Secondly it will be better that governor are non political and non partisan. Accordingly retired judge of High court and Supreme court may be appointed as governors of states. If need be there may be
constitutional amendment to this effect.

On 18th May 2011, Bhardwaj all of a sudden changed his attitude and became friend of Yeddyurappa whom he had considered his enemy and had been trying his best to oust. All this has happened because the government felt embarrassed because of BJP’S parading all the MLA’S before the President of India so Bhardwaj was advised to be friendly with Karnataka C.M even to save his own position as governor. This could have happened atleast 10 days earlier but it is better late than never so that the UPA II can maintain some rise in its popularity, despite Bhardwaj partisan behavior as Governor of Karnataka for many years.

With Bhardwaj becoming friendly with Karnataka CM, the crisis is over and UPA II can continue to rise . Other important feature is that with the arrest of A Raja and many corrupt minister and officials the corruption in government has declined very much thus there is possibility of India becoming corruption free democracy. All this will lead to rise in popularity of UPA II and virtually no fall at all in its prestige. Thus there will be substantial rise instead of some rise to the benefit of UPA II and enhancement of its popularity.

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