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Midnight Crackdown on Ramdev- Its Repercussions

Between 50 to 100 men women and children who were brutally lathi charged by men and women police was undemocratic and uncalled for. When Ramdev, Anna Hazare and other condemned it out right blaming not so much the government by Sonia Gandhi. PM and central government, not only Ramdev, Advani and Anna Hazare but virtually the entire opposition and even the whole country. The worst example of atrocities was that of 50 years old Rapela who lost both her arms and legs and was struggling for life in ICU of a hospital. Government of UPA Chief Sonia Gandhi and its PM Manmohan Singh has to explain. But virtually both have maintained silence and have not uttered a word, as if they did not know about it.

Only a few days back when Swami Ramdev arrived, as welcomed at the airport by a no of ministers who had prolonged talks with Ramdev. As the talks concluded there was absolutely no indication that a storm was going to blow at midnight of 4th – Earlier it was thought that PM and Sonia Gandhi had no role to play in the horrible attraction at midnight. But how could the police or civil servants take such horrible step at midnight? Now the PM has spoken his mind that the unprecedented most undemocratic and most horrible attack at midnight was unfortunate but unavoidable. Rightly the Supreme Court has issued notice to central government to explain, within two weeks, the eviction of Yoga guru and his thousands of followers at midnight notice by SC has been issued to Union Home Secretary. Chief Secretary of Delhi and the Delhi Public Commissioners. Indian is proud of the independence of the Supreme Court which has taken earlier a number of steps to Convict 2G Raja, Balwa and many others who were protested by UPA II for more than six months tells the Supreme Court intervened and got them punished and sent a dozen of such criminals to jail. Though the reply of the central government is going to justify its stand but SC is not going to be silenced and would take democratic action.
Anna Hazare, Close associate of Swami Ramdev would go on fast on 8th June11, as planned because in Anna’s own words
“At midnight beating of women, children and elderly is a blow to democracy. Let there be a nation wide movement to teach the government a lesson”.

Malayan Singh Yadav had also came openly against Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh because of the way it (the government) brutally dealt with Ramdev, his supporters and women”

BJP leader Advani as was expected, spoken for hours on TV and addressed Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi government “the most corrupt government since Independence” Advani even compared it with Jallianwala bagh massacre which united whole of India against British imperialism and atrocities since 1857. Advani has also demanded special session of Parliament to discuss the atrocities of midnight of 4th June and take the UPA II to task.

Baba Ramdev has singled out Sonia Gandhi an Italian but Sonia Gandhi kept quiet and did not utter a word against Swami Ramdev. Replying to so called secret agreement, swami alleged “I was forced to sign it” If I had refused “I was threatened with dire Consequences if the agreement was not signed” Swami Ramdev further explained that he would not be cowed down”
Conduct of Baba did not befit a yogi. He dressed like a woman in salwar kameez and concerned his beard with dupata to escape the police. He should have allowed the police to arrest him, even beat him, if they wanted. This is what befitted a true Yogi Baba’s behavior shows that he was as much a politician as a Yogi.

Acharya Balkrishna, known as right hand man of Swami Ramdev has committed suicide in Raipur Chhattisgarh, as he was too upset because of crack down at midnight of 4th June, by consuming poison in drug.

Baba Ramdev is no longer a Yogi, but a politician. He remained of fast for eight days and his health had deteriorated. Luckily for Ramdev and government of India that on 9th day of his fast he accepted the advice of Sri Sri and broke his fast. It was a big relief to his followers, particularly BJP. It is hoped that he will follow the advice of Sri Sri and Anna Hazare and will not indulge in anti-state and anti-nation activities.

Kiran Bedi, first woman IPS officer who retired from the top position in police should disassociate with Baba Ramdev and may continue to fight against corruption in democratic way.

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