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Mumbai Blasts – On 13th July 2011 and earlier blast

Latest bomb blast in Mumbai on 13th July shook not only Mumbai but whole of India and had repercussion in foreign countries, particularly USA. It was startling that these blasts in Mumbai occurred within short span of half an hour. The first blast was, in more than 150 years old Zaveri Bazar, killed five people instantly, and their bodies lay mutilated. Many injured were crying. But there was no police and ambulance help. Just after a minute there was another bomb in Opera house where in Parsad chamber many diamond dealers gather every evening to discuss and exchange views on day’s diamond business. Second blast killed nine and scattered diamonds of many businessmen everywhere in the affected chamber and below in the street. Third bomb blast was at Hanuman Mandir at dadar’s Kabutarkhana. In the blast a number of vehicles were damaged and injured person scrambled for care amid splattered blood.

Citizens of Mumbai are terrified because it is only their city Mumbai which has been target of bomb blasts many times earlier and now. They don’t feel safe as a bomb attack can be at any time at any place in the commercial capital of India that is Mumbai. Before the reasons for bomb attacks on Mumbai many times are examined it is apt to quote the views of Gagan Banga CEO of India Bulls Finance services. In his view “government for now should give up lofty thoughts of making Mumbai global financial destination. Instead it should think of basic issues like security and predictability for its citizen, capital will follow. Every blast weakens foundation of the city”.

Why Mumbai has been the target of bombing by terrorists, Indian Mujahdins and Indian Muslims associates of Dawood? One reason can be that Mumbai is accessible Pakistan through sea and the other reason can be that Pakistan can not bear the rise Mumbai as global business centre when Karachi Pakistani’s commercial capital and sea port is constantly declining in importance because of periodic suicide attacks by Pakistani terrorists during last couple of years killing hundreds of innocent citizens as well Pakistan Navy and Army men.

Bomb attacks on Bombay are due to absence or at least lack of security and inefficiency of police intelligence and inability of the government of Maharastra to give exemplary punishment like death sentence or life imprisonment to these arrested. Even jails in Mumbai are not well guarded because a number of times hardened criminals and terrorist have escaped and some have gone back to Pakistan. Failure in protecting Mumbai from repeated attacks from 1003 to the latest attack on 13 July 2011 Mumbai has been attacked by terrorists and Indian Mujahidins in 40 locations killing above 700 citizens and injuring more than 2000 prior to 13th July 2011 earlier terrorist attacks on Mumbai, then Bombay were on March 12 1093, July 21, 2006 and November 2608.

Despite repeated bomb blast why there is no proper and complete security in Mumbai? Obviously state government of Maharastra is to be blamed and even to an extent the central government because both are Congress ruled governments. Out of six bomb attacks on Mumbai, three bomb attacks on Mumbai, there bomb attack have occurred during the congress regime both in Mumbai and centre, in 2006, 2008 and the recent one in 2011. Of these three bomb attacks the one in July 2006 was the most horrified as it killed 209 and injured 714. Even then the Maharastra Government as well as Central government did not take drastic steps to eliminate Indian Mujahidins from Mumbai and even in many other states upto Kerala in the South. Had all the guilty Mujahidins from India and Pakistan been arrested and given Severe punishment like death sentence and life imprisonment, it is likely that there would be more satisfaction for the citizens of Mumbai, feeling secure and happy and having no sleepless nights but that was not to be, as there was another attack by Indian Mujahidins on 13th July 2011 and that, too, within half an hour there were 3 bomb blast at three different places.

It’s hoped that both Maharastra government and central government would take drastic steps to improve security by adding hundreds of new security officers with better standard of information technology and better weapons.

When PM and Sonia Gandhi visited the hospital where injured of Bomb blasts of July 2011 were struggling for like, Police had cordoned off entire hospital area. As a result the relatives of hungry injured could not give the food they had brought as they were not allowed to enter hospital for hours.Such visits are just to get publicity and of no help to victims and no effort to improve security.

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Decline of Congress and UPA- Causes

Continuous decline of Congress and UPA is because of two major factors- corruption which has particularly increased under UPA II and black money of lakhs of crores of rupees lying in foreign Banks particularly in Switzerland known to UPA for which no action has been taken so far. These two charges against UPA have been like seige for congress and its allies particularly DMK.

Corruption has been there since congress come to power in 1947 but was not so much and so was ignored. Corruption gained momentum under Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and has finally reached the peak under Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh particularly during 2011. There has been constant and persistant demand by people and press that congress should take immediate steps to mitigate corruption, the tremendous increase in corruption during 2011 led to decline of congress government as most corrupt remained free for more than six months and enjoyed the states of minister in UPA government.

Just as a brief on corruption given above, the extent of black money lying in foreign banks in brief is that Swiss banks owe to Indian holders 2.5 billion US dollars. As Indian government did not take any action to get billions of dollars transferred to India, many Indian companies and businessmen have got transferred their holdings from Switzerland to Singapore as reported in Economic Times of 10th July 2011.
However during the short tenure of Lal Bahadur Shastri after Pandit Nehru, corruption was virtually non-existent and not visible. Similarly during few years of Narsimaha Rao’s regime when he inducted Dr Manmohan Singh as Finance Minister Corruption was at lowest ebb. Bu during Sanjay Gandhi’s regime corruption gained momentum as never before because Sanjay Gandhi the PM was himself corrupt. He was charged with personal corruption of Rs 60 Lakh, the case has been going on since then.

In 2004 Congress as UPA comes to power with Sonia Gandhi as UPA chairperson and Manmohan Singh as PM. As Sonia Gandhi depended on coterei of 2 or 3 ministers who took all the decisions that made Manmohan Singh ineffective PM right from the beginning. This was the major cause of decline of congress even from 2004. It was only in second half of 2011 that Manmohan Singh exercised same power as PM. But it was too late. Corruption had already become deep rooted.

CVC Pradeep Kumar has in brief stated cause and effect of corruption in India in a statement on 19th July that under CVC Act only officers of Central government upto certain level are covered but it is essential to bring all under CVC so that there is no corrupt officer and no corruption at any stage CVC Kumar further stressed corruption adversely affects all of us. It distracts the decision making hands in distracted priorities and is against good governance”. Thus CVC Kumar says “Corruption has to be fought with ruthlessly and firmly” CVC Kumar has advised the government to take strict action guilty under 2G scam as well as CWG scam. So that it is a lesson for others to be honest and not to indulge in corruption of any sort. It is the first time since independence that both CVC and Supreme Court are fearless and independent and are able to criticize the government’s wrong action or inaction and are able to find fault and criticize the government wrong action or in action.

To sum it up endless scams have caused general paralysis in congress. DMK’s corrupt minister like A Raja and congress government inaction for more than six months fearing that if a Raja is removed from cabinet and arrested DMK may not withdraw support and let the congress UPA II government fall. Persistant conflict over Lokpal Bill too has lowered the prestiege of government as it demands to exclude PM and PM’s office and other sectors and officers to come under preview of Lokpal Bill.

To conclude, main reason for constant decline of congress from 2004 to middle of 2011 has been that PM has been presiding ever since 2004 over a limping government cuppled by allegations of corruption and cuppled by infighting between Party and Government and between minister in the cabinet” Congress was hoping to get absolute majority in 2014 elections increasing its number from 206 seat as now to 272. But because of many scams, corruption and inaction to get lakhs of crores of rupees from foreign banks particularly in Switzerland this hope may not be realized.

On Monday the 25th July on the first day of Parliament session, as A Raja had named PM and PC in 2G scam, Raja having constantly from 2007 kept both of them informed by personal meetings and even letters. This statement of Raja created a storm in Parliament. It gave an opportunity to Opposition, particularly BJP to target Congress and demanded resignation of both PM and C.P.Chidambram. How and to what extent congress will manage this crises and save itself from further decline ?

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US Drones Attack Crisis in Pakistan

Thousands of militant Taliban’s from Afghanistan have crossed over and reached NWFP and Baluchistan areas of Pakistan. Pakistan army is already facing unprecedented resistance from these area and many of Pakistan Army and civilization have been killed, through suicide bombing and even determined attacks by these tribals. Pakistan and its Army are scared of militant Taliban’s whose strength is getting out of proportion, On the other hand Pakistan is stooge of USA because it needs money to pay its army and also to run the government. How long Pakistan can survive despite militant Taliban’s who are now attacking both Karachi and Lahore at their will. Causing danger to neighboring India and even USA is worried about nuclear arsenal, if it comes under control, even temporarily, of Taliban. Though to please USA and get financial aid of billions of dollars as they have been getting for a long time. Pakistan’s Army has declared that it will end terror in Pakistan and eradicate terrorists and make Pakistan free of terror but is it possible? Only a few days back there has been second time uprising in Pakistan commercial capital in which more than 100 people lost their lives, though government figures is of 88 dead including women and children as this time besides political there was ethnic revolt also. Rockets were fixed and at many places hand grenades were lobbed and bullets were fired. As a result thousands of people locked themselves in their houses and hideouts in fear. It is noteworthy that Karachi has been rocked with violence even though their PM Asif Ali Zardari was in the city and more troops were deployed to end the violence.

Once again US have started drone attacks on NWFP and Baluchistan provinces of Pakistan which have maximum militants. US drone attack on 13th July has killed “40 militants” which caused highest death by drones to date. This is likely to affect US relations in the near future. Drone attack is more significant as it has come after US has cut aid deprive Pakistan of billions of dollars.

Pakistan’s people Army and even Terrorists are annoyed with USA for violating sovereignty of Pakistan by Bombing Pakistan territory with Drones killing besides terrorists civilians including women and children. Pakistan is not Libya. Let Pakistan settle with terrorists who are Pakistani’s citizens and in Pakistan. US should prevent Afghanistan Taliban and terrorist to cross into Pakistan and adding to terrorist activities in Pakistan.

Just a couple of days after violence in Karachi, a suicide bomb killed 7 and injured 25 persons at PML rally at Battagram in north East of Pakistan. US aid denied of 500 million dollar a year followed by Drone attack one of the worst killing 60 so called terrorist. Pakistan’s opposition PML has welcomed the US aid cut calling it God sent opportunity as it would encourage Pakistan to improve its economy and use internal sources. But Pakistan is just angry with US two sided attack. Drone attack and denial of US aid of 800 millions dollars. In USA there is support for aid cut. It appears there is not going to be any stoppage of Drone attacks and restoration of US aid. This is definitely going to strain relations between USA and Pakistan as never before. US have been giving financial aid to Pakistan since 1950. Between 1950 and 1954 US gave economic aid to Pakistan 2.5 billion and military aid 700 million US dollars. This is how in 50’s Pakistan became stable and economically strong with no internal strife. Since 2001every time there is terrorist attack US retaliated with Drone attacks on Pakistan’s North West. Present Crisis may not be the worst but it is worst tell today until finally Pakistan breaks up, NWFP and Baluchistan getting separated as they have been struggling for long because they have no linguistic or cultural affinity with Pakistan.

On 16th July Taliban executed 16 Pakistan Army men. Policemen were captured by Taliban in cross border road from Afghanistan. As US has started withdrawing its Army from Afghanistan, there is likelihood of more Taliban attacks from Afghanistan across the Pakistan- Afghanistan border in NWFP. Afghan Taliban cannot forgive Pakistan which as ally of USA for 10 years killed many Afghan Taliban as well as civilians during intervention in Afghanistan.

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Lokpal Bill or Lok Divide Bill

Even during the latest meeting, called for and presided by PM on Sunday the 3rd July 2011 could not resolve the differences between government and the opposition, though the meeting was attended by BJP leader Advani, while other non UPA political parties by cotted it. Government’s version or draft of Lokpal bill has been called by BJP as Jokepall bill. One of the main causes of discussion is inclusion of PM and his officer under the Lokpal Bill. Even UPA ally DMK who have a number of ministers in UPA besides like karunanidhi’s daughter and other tainted one who are facing judicial inquiry. PM Manmohan Singh, who speaks rarely in public, has come out with a statement that Lokpal must work within framework of constitution. How can Lokpal be outside constitution if PM is involved? PM and the government have to answer.

Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi, top most activists against corruption have challenged government’s draft of Lokpal bill. There are so many independent and autonomous departments at present. In the opinion of Kiran Bedi and Kejriwal what can a citizen do if a judge, the CAG, CEC, CIC is corrupt. He can do nothing. In some cases the Parliament can impeach the wrongdoers. But despite the strong and credible evidence of corruption in so many cases, no one has been impeached in 62 years”. Thus only the corrupt are afraid of Lokpal bill. Corrupt person like a Raja have been free for many years despite charges against them.
India’s Supreme Court has shown concern over black money of lakhs of crores of Rupees in foreign banks against which, even government was aware, did not taken any steps to recover it for so many years. A bench of Justice H Sudarshan Reddy and Justice SS Nijhar and Justice BP Jeevan Redy who will head the 13 member SIT. Another retired SC Judge MH Shah will be Vice Chairman of the highest ever judicial team to probe black money or any other failure of the government. Naturally the government is upset and even worried but is helpless. Central government has advanced the consideration of Lokpal Bill in the next session of the parliament. People all over India particularly vast majority of people of Delhi support Lokpal bill crusade against corruption and black money.

Despite meeting with Sonia Gandhi, Anna Hazare is preparing to go on fast in support of Lokpal bill and is very much opposed to government version. Though government had nine rounds of meetings with Anna Hazare group but to no avail.

Law Minister Moily, in a letter to PM in April after Anna Hazare fast, had warned PM not to linger the issue of Lokpal Bill as it was agitating more and more people. Moily had then stressed the PM and government should not stand on prestige on any issue. But PMO though released the letter but ignored the suggestion of law minister Moily
He had also suggested that a CJI should be chosen to head Lokpal Bill committee and no minister should be its member. Had Moily’s suggestion been accepted there would not have been such a storm over Lokpal bill. It has been reported that former CAG Vinod Pai was behind all gigantic scams like that of A Raja 2G, Kalmadi’s CWG and even KG Basin. In addition CAG Vinod Rai was responsible for Gorkkov deal of 2009 relating to procurement of Russian aircraft. Defence deal of 2009 with kickbacks galore. If CAG’s misdeeds are an example how can any other department under the present government can be trusted.
If Anna Hazare goes on fast, as planned in July 2011 itself, there is no doubt that the response will be far more than in April.

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar -Brief Profile

Commonly known as Sri Sri, He is very intelligent and very soft spoken. In India perhaps there is no Parallel to him. Sri Sri is unlike Baba Ramdev whom he convinced to end his fast, Ramdev is both a Yogi and a politician. Sri Sri and Baba Ramdev have different style of working though Sri Sri is against corruption and is also keen that lakhs of crores of black money must be brought back to India. Sri Sri favors Anna Hazare and is equally in favor of Lokpal Bill.

In Sri Sri’s own words “I want to resolve conflict wherever it exists. It has become Sort of my nature I can’t but stop”. About convincing Baba Ramdev who was admitted in hospital in very serious condition, Sri Sri says- even before going for my rituals, I first went to see babaji and he was in very bad shape. Then I completed my work and visited him again. And convinced him again to end his fast and thank god, it worked”.

About spirituality, Sri Sri has distinct and convincing views in his words. That is what spirituality does to you when you are in touch with the entire core of your existence, the self you know, I’m not the body. I’m the light the consciousness. Then grief does not touch you at all. You will see that happening not just with some but millions of people here. Because of faith in spirituality, people in India don’t mourn the death, they got deep in meditation. Sri Sri elaborates with his father’s death and his own example. This is the beauty of this land we don’t mourn death. In this country, we celebrate the death. If you see any dead body being carried you will see the celebration.

Sri Sri is all praise for Anna Hazare because of his past as a social worker in Maharastra for many years for the benefit of farmers and makes ideal villages in Maharatra. Where he was even jailed but he did not become hostile or arrogant. Here are some of the points and views of Anna Hazare which impressed Sri Sri because of their mutual friendship and working together. Anna has been coming and addressing our (Sri Sri’s organization) our youth workers and inspiring them about sacrifice and working with villagers. So this has been a long association in the social sector. We have never been into anything political. I want this whole movement to be apolitical. When it gets little bit political, “Sri Sri Emphasis despite his long friendship with Anna” it doesn’t suit me so much.

Sri Sri believed in democracy. He was opposed to any type of dictatorship. In democracy he believed in dissent between many politicians and political parties. But he was absolutely against corruption by politicians, civil servant and police officials. He stressed an understanding even between hostile political parties and politicians in particular. He advised everybody to be calm and not to be arrogant. He hated abusive language being used by any one of the political party. Even if someone had used harsh words, the solution was being quiet and not to answer by equally or even moderately harsh language. Sri Sri is a spiritual leader or as some called, spiritual guru. That is why he traveled abroad and had a following in other countries than his motherland India.

It is apt to reproduce, in Sri Sri’s own word his benefits and advice and his contribution. “My main contribution is, we have to have a social movement in the country. Then people from every spectrum can join in and make the country better. We to be divided and communal.” Sri Sri was clear and even emphasised that without politics and political parties there can be no democracy and no scope for fighting for the well being of the people and good of the country. He was opposed to use unparliamentary language or even words. In Sri Sri’s Words different people have different lifestyle and their behaviors are very different. If you are getting stuck with what that person said and how this person believed, you will go nowhere. When the cause is the prime thing in front of you, you should ignore that. About fasting Sri Sri’s advice is lasting. “If fasting works you should go for it but life is more important”.

Our country is indebted to intelligent men or spiritual leaders like Sri Sri. As explained, in brief above, spiritual and selfless intelligent persons like Sri Sri will make India great. Educating people is the prime contribution as well as persuasion for the benefit of the country and civil society. Thus all Indians are proud of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. We wish him long spiritual and dedicated life.

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