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Lokpal Bill or Lok Divide Bill

Even during the latest meeting, called for and presided by PM on Sunday the 3rd July 2011 could not resolve the differences between government and the opposition, though the meeting was attended by BJP leader Advani, while other non UPA political parties by cotted it. Government’s version or draft of Lokpal bill has been called by BJP as Jokepall bill. One of the main causes of discussion is inclusion of PM and his officer under the Lokpal Bill. Even UPA ally DMK who have a number of ministers in UPA besides like karunanidhi’s daughter and other tainted one who are facing judicial inquiry. PM Manmohan Singh, who speaks rarely in public, has come out with a statement that Lokpal must work within framework of constitution. How can Lokpal be outside constitution if PM is involved? PM and the government have to answer.

Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi, top most activists against corruption have challenged government’s draft of Lokpal bill. There are so many independent and autonomous departments at present. In the opinion of Kiran Bedi and Kejriwal what can a citizen do if a judge, the CAG, CEC, CIC is corrupt. He can do nothing. In some cases the Parliament can impeach the wrongdoers. But despite the strong and credible evidence of corruption in so many cases, no one has been impeached in 62 years”. Thus only the corrupt are afraid of Lokpal bill. Corrupt person like a Raja have been free for many years despite charges against them.
India’s Supreme Court has shown concern over black money of lakhs of crores of Rupees in foreign banks against which, even government was aware, did not taken any steps to recover it for so many years. A bench of Justice H Sudarshan Reddy and Justice SS Nijhar and Justice BP Jeevan Redy who will head the 13 member SIT. Another retired SC Judge MH Shah will be Vice Chairman of the highest ever judicial team to probe black money or any other failure of the government. Naturally the government is upset and even worried but is helpless. Central government has advanced the consideration of Lokpal Bill in the next session of the parliament. People all over India particularly vast majority of people of Delhi support Lokpal bill crusade against corruption and black money.

Despite meeting with Sonia Gandhi, Anna Hazare is preparing to go on fast in support of Lokpal bill and is very much opposed to government version. Though government had nine rounds of meetings with Anna Hazare group but to no avail.

Law Minister Moily, in a letter to PM in April after Anna Hazare fast, had warned PM not to linger the issue of Lokpal Bill as it was agitating more and more people. Moily had then stressed the PM and government should not stand on prestige on any issue. But PMO though released the letter but ignored the suggestion of law minister Moily
He had also suggested that a CJI should be chosen to head Lokpal Bill committee and no minister should be its member. Had Moily’s suggestion been accepted there would not have been such a storm over Lokpal bill. It has been reported that former CAG Vinod Pai was behind all gigantic scams like that of A Raja 2G, Kalmadi’s CWG and even KG Basin. In addition CAG Vinod Rai was responsible for Gorkkov deal of 2009 relating to procurement of Russian aircraft. Defence deal of 2009 with kickbacks galore. If CAG’s misdeeds are an example how can any other department under the present government can be trusted.
If Anna Hazare goes on fast, as planned in July 2011 itself, there is no doubt that the response will be far more than in April.

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