H C Singh

US Drones Attack Crisis in Pakistan

Thousands of militant Taliban’s from Afghanistan have crossed over and reached NWFP and Baluchistan areas of Pakistan. Pakistan army is already facing unprecedented resistance from these area and many of Pakistan Army and civilization have been killed, through suicide bombing and even determined attacks by these tribals. Pakistan and its Army are scared of militant Taliban’s whose strength is getting out of proportion, On the other hand Pakistan is stooge of USA because it needs money to pay its army and also to run the government. How long Pakistan can survive despite militant Taliban’s who are now attacking both Karachi and Lahore at their will. Causing danger to neighboring India and even USA is worried about nuclear arsenal, if it comes under control, even temporarily, of Taliban. Though to please USA and get financial aid of billions of dollars as they have been getting for a long time. Pakistan’s Army has declared that it will end terror in Pakistan and eradicate terrorists and make Pakistan free of terror but is it possible? Only a few days back there has been second time uprising in Pakistan commercial capital in which more than 100 people lost their lives, though government figures is of 88 dead including women and children as this time besides political there was ethnic revolt also. Rockets were fixed and at many places hand grenades were lobbed and bullets were fired. As a result thousands of people locked themselves in their houses and hideouts in fear. It is noteworthy that Karachi has been rocked with violence even though their PM Asif Ali Zardari was in the city and more troops were deployed to end the violence.

Once again US have started drone attacks on NWFP and Baluchistan provinces of Pakistan which have maximum militants. US drone attack on 13th July has killed “40 militants” which caused highest death by drones to date. This is likely to affect US relations in the near future. Drone attack is more significant as it has come after US has cut aid deprive Pakistan of billions of dollars.

Pakistan’s people Army and even Terrorists are annoyed with USA for violating sovereignty of Pakistan by Bombing Pakistan territory with Drones killing besides terrorists civilians including women and children. Pakistan is not Libya. Let Pakistan settle with terrorists who are Pakistani’s citizens and in Pakistan. US should prevent Afghanistan Taliban and terrorist to cross into Pakistan and adding to terrorist activities in Pakistan.

Just a couple of days after violence in Karachi, a suicide bomb killed 7 and injured 25 persons at PML rally at Battagram in north East of Pakistan. US aid denied of 500 million dollar a year followed by Drone attack one of the worst killing 60 so called terrorist. Pakistan’s opposition PML has welcomed the US aid cut calling it God sent opportunity as it would encourage Pakistan to improve its economy and use internal sources. But Pakistan is just angry with US two sided attack. Drone attack and denial of US aid of 800 millions dollars. In USA there is support for aid cut. It appears there is not going to be any stoppage of Drone attacks and restoration of US aid. This is definitely going to strain relations between USA and Pakistan as never before. US have been giving financial aid to Pakistan since 1950. Between 1950 and 1954 US gave economic aid to Pakistan 2.5 billion and military aid 700 million US dollars. This is how in 50’s Pakistan became stable and economically strong with no internal strife. Since 2001every time there is terrorist attack US retaliated with Drone attacks on Pakistan’s North West. Present Crisis may not be the worst but it is worst tell today until finally Pakistan breaks up, NWFP and Baluchistan getting separated as they have been struggling for long because they have no linguistic or cultural affinity with Pakistan.

On 16th July Taliban executed 16 Pakistan Army men. Policemen were captured by Taliban in cross border road from Afghanistan. As US has started withdrawing its Army from Afghanistan, there is likelihood of more Taliban attacks from Afghanistan across the Pakistan- Afghanistan border in NWFP. Afghan Taliban cannot forgive Pakistan which as ally of USA for 10 years killed many Afghan Taliban as well as civilians during intervention in Afghanistan.

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