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Decline of Congress and UPA- Causes

Continuous decline of Congress and UPA is because of two major factors- corruption which has particularly increased under UPA II and black money of lakhs of crores of rupees lying in foreign Banks particularly in Switzerland known to UPA for which no action has been taken so far. These two charges against UPA have been like seige for congress and its allies particularly DMK.

Corruption has been there since congress come to power in 1947 but was not so much and so was ignored. Corruption gained momentum under Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and has finally reached the peak under Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh particularly during 2011. There has been constant and persistant demand by people and press that congress should take immediate steps to mitigate corruption, the tremendous increase in corruption during 2011 led to decline of congress government as most corrupt remained free for more than six months and enjoyed the states of minister in UPA government.

Just as a brief on corruption given above, the extent of black money lying in foreign banks in brief is that Swiss banks owe to Indian holders 2.5 billion US dollars. As Indian government did not take any action to get billions of dollars transferred to India, many Indian companies and businessmen have got transferred their holdings from Switzerland to Singapore as reported in Economic Times of 10th July 2011.
However during the short tenure of Lal Bahadur Shastri after Pandit Nehru, corruption was virtually non-existent and not visible. Similarly during few years of Narsimaha Rao’s regime when he inducted Dr Manmohan Singh as Finance Minister Corruption was at lowest ebb. Bu during Sanjay Gandhi’s regime corruption gained momentum as never before because Sanjay Gandhi the PM was himself corrupt. He was charged with personal corruption of Rs 60 Lakh, the case has been going on since then.

In 2004 Congress as UPA comes to power with Sonia Gandhi as UPA chairperson and Manmohan Singh as PM. As Sonia Gandhi depended on coterei of 2 or 3 ministers who took all the decisions that made Manmohan Singh ineffective PM right from the beginning. This was the major cause of decline of congress even from 2004. It was only in second half of 2011 that Manmohan Singh exercised same power as PM. But it was too late. Corruption had already become deep rooted.

CVC Pradeep Kumar has in brief stated cause and effect of corruption in India in a statement on 19th July that under CVC Act only officers of Central government upto certain level are covered but it is essential to bring all under CVC so that there is no corrupt officer and no corruption at any stage CVC Kumar further stressed corruption adversely affects all of us. It distracts the decision making hands in distracted priorities and is against good governance”. Thus CVC Kumar says “Corruption has to be fought with ruthlessly and firmly” CVC Kumar has advised the government to take strict action guilty under 2G scam as well as CWG scam. So that it is a lesson for others to be honest and not to indulge in corruption of any sort. It is the first time since independence that both CVC and Supreme Court are fearless and independent and are able to criticize the government’s wrong action or inaction and are able to find fault and criticize the government wrong action or in action.

To sum it up endless scams have caused general paralysis in congress. DMK’s corrupt minister like A Raja and congress government inaction for more than six months fearing that if a Raja is removed from cabinet and arrested DMK may not withdraw support and let the congress UPA II government fall. Persistant conflict over Lokpal Bill too has lowered the prestiege of government as it demands to exclude PM and PM’s office and other sectors and officers to come under preview of Lokpal Bill.

To conclude, main reason for constant decline of congress from 2004 to middle of 2011 has been that PM has been presiding ever since 2004 over a limping government cuppled by allegations of corruption and cuppled by infighting between Party and Government and between minister in the cabinet” Congress was hoping to get absolute majority in 2014 elections increasing its number from 206 seat as now to 272. But because of many scams, corruption and inaction to get lakhs of crores of rupees from foreign banks particularly in Switzerland this hope may not be realized.

On Monday the 25th July on the first day of Parliament session, as A Raja had named PM and PC in 2G scam, Raja having constantly from 2007 kept both of them informed by personal meetings and even letters. This statement of Raja created a storm in Parliament. It gave an opportunity to Opposition, particularly BJP to target Congress and demanded resignation of both PM and C.P.Chidambram. How and to what extent congress will manage this crises and save itself from further decline ?

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