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Mumbai Blasts – On 13th July 2011 and earlier blast

Latest bomb blast in Mumbai on 13th July shook not only Mumbai but whole of India and had repercussion in foreign countries, particularly USA. It was startling that these blasts in Mumbai occurred within short span of half an hour. The first blast was, in more than 150 years old Zaveri Bazar, killed five people instantly, and their bodies lay mutilated. Many injured were crying. But there was no police and ambulance help. Just after a minute there was another bomb in Opera house where in Parsad chamber many diamond dealers gather every evening to discuss and exchange views on day’s diamond business. Second blast killed nine and scattered diamonds of many businessmen everywhere in the affected chamber and below in the street. Third bomb blast was at Hanuman Mandir at dadar’s Kabutarkhana. In the blast a number of vehicles were damaged and injured person scrambled for care amid splattered blood.

Citizens of Mumbai are terrified because it is only their city Mumbai which has been target of bomb blasts many times earlier and now. They don’t feel safe as a bomb attack can be at any time at any place in the commercial capital of India that is Mumbai. Before the reasons for bomb attacks on Mumbai many times are examined it is apt to quote the views of Gagan Banga CEO of India Bulls Finance services. In his view “government for now should give up lofty thoughts of making Mumbai global financial destination. Instead it should think of basic issues like security and predictability for its citizen, capital will follow. Every blast weakens foundation of the city”.

Why Mumbai has been the target of bombing by terrorists, Indian Mujahdins and Indian Muslims associates of Dawood? One reason can be that Mumbai is accessible Pakistan through sea and the other reason can be that Pakistan can not bear the rise Mumbai as global business centre when Karachi Pakistani’s commercial capital and sea port is constantly declining in importance because of periodic suicide attacks by Pakistani terrorists during last couple of years killing hundreds of innocent citizens as well Pakistan Navy and Army men.

Bomb attacks on Bombay are due to absence or at least lack of security and inefficiency of police intelligence and inability of the government of Maharastra to give exemplary punishment like death sentence or life imprisonment to these arrested. Even jails in Mumbai are not well guarded because a number of times hardened criminals and terrorist have escaped and some have gone back to Pakistan. Failure in protecting Mumbai from repeated attacks from 1003 to the latest attack on 13 July 2011 Mumbai has been attacked by terrorists and Indian Mujahidins in 40 locations killing above 700 citizens and injuring more than 2000 prior to 13th July 2011 earlier terrorist attacks on Mumbai, then Bombay were on March 12 1093, July 21, 2006 and November 2608.

Despite repeated bomb blast why there is no proper and complete security in Mumbai? Obviously state government of Maharastra is to be blamed and even to an extent the central government because both are Congress ruled governments. Out of six bomb attacks on Mumbai, three bomb attacks on Mumbai, there bomb attack have occurred during the congress regime both in Mumbai and centre, in 2006, 2008 and the recent one in 2011. Of these three bomb attacks the one in July 2006 was the most horrified as it killed 209 and injured 714. Even then the Maharastra Government as well as Central government did not take drastic steps to eliminate Indian Mujahidins from Mumbai and even in many other states upto Kerala in the South. Had all the guilty Mujahidins from India and Pakistan been arrested and given Severe punishment like death sentence and life imprisonment, it is likely that there would be more satisfaction for the citizens of Mumbai, feeling secure and happy and having no sleepless nights but that was not to be, as there was another attack by Indian Mujahidins on 13th July 2011 and that, too, within half an hour there were 3 bomb blast at three different places.

It’s hoped that both Maharastra government and central government would take drastic steps to improve security by adding hundreds of new security officers with better standard of information technology and better weapons.

When PM and Sonia Gandhi visited the hospital where injured of Bomb blasts of July 2011 were struggling for like, Police had cordoned off entire hospital area. As a result the relatives of hungry injured could not give the food they had brought as they were not allowed to enter hospital for hours.Such visits are just to get publicity and of no help to victims and no effort to improve security.

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