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Delay in Conviction and Punishment of Assassins

Why there has been delay of more than 20 years in the conviction and award of capital punishment to those guilty of assassinating Rajiv Gandhi Prime Minister of India? Why Afzal Guru who was awarded death sentence by Supreme Court for attack on Parliament ten years back in 2001 was not executed when a group of Jehadis led by Afzal Guru tried to kill Indians almost all political leaders inside parliament. Why did those Pakistani intruders who attacked and killed three security guards at Red Fort in December 2000, led by Ashfaq were not convicted and executed? It is only on August 10 of 2011 that the Supreme Court and in some cases High Court passes the orders convicting them and awarding death sentence to the guilty assassins.

Oldest case of assassination is that of Rajiv Gandhi, President Patel turned down mercy petition of two accused Murugam Santhanand Ariva for killing Rajiv Gandhi, thus allowing their execution. Apparently Central Government and the courts that functioned till middle of 2011 as virtual departments of government wanted or directed are responsible for unpardonable and uncalled for delay of years and decades

It is noteworthy and heartening that Supreme Court of India, which has been independence for last 3-4 months and getting the guilty ministers and officials, convicted and put behind bars. So respected and independence SC on 10th July 2011 paised an historic judgement while upholding death penalty awarded to Pakistani Lakshar-e-Toiba militant Mohd Asif Aka Ashfaq. “The crime fell within the rarest of rare category” adding “This is a unique case where there is one most aggravating circumstances that it was a direct attack on the unity, integrity and sovereignty of India by foreigners. Thus it was attack on mother India” These Pakistan criminals had attacked Red Fort on December 22, 2010 and had killed 3 Army Jawans. After committing the crime they had fled but were caught after exchange of firing and also recovered AK47 and lot of ammunition six other charged by lower court indulging Ashfaq’s Indian wife were released.

Afzal Guru had masterminded attack on Parliament ten years back was given death sentence by Supreme Court but was not executed and his mercy petition was lying with President and the government took no action to pass execution order for almost 10 years because government feared that if Afzal guru a Kashmiri Muslim was executed it will lose Muslim vote bank because the UPA government had always been following vote bank politics. It is only after 8 years that because of strict order of Supreme Court that Home Ministry or Government of India have advised the President to reject Afzal guru’s mercy petition. Accordingly his execution is now imminent.

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