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Undemocratic Arrest of Anna Hazare- its Repercussion.

Anna Hazare’s agitation is against Congress Version of Lokpal Bill which allows corruption by ministers and civil servants as they are not included in UPA’S Lokpal Bill, Anna Hazare wants end of corruption by all ministers, civil servant and others while the Lokpal Bill as prepared after months of discussion and proposed by Lokpal constitutional authority, includes all and does not exclude any category from corruption, in particular. Thus Anna’s arrest was meant to allow corruption by politicians and civil servants. Hazare arrest, therefore, united all oppositions against the government as the opposition rightly considered government’s version of Lokpal Bill as attack on democracy, which means all pervasive and excludes none.

Just a day after Independence Day celebration, on 16th August, government imposed section 144 and other restrictions so as to prevent Anna Hazare from going on fast and arrested him, worst of all, Anna was soon lodged in Tihar Jail along with worst criminals like A Raja and Kalmadi, Anna had not indulged in violence or even propagated violence, instead he had advised his followers never never to be violent come what may because of Police atrocities. Not allowing or preventing Anna Hazare from fast instead arrested him, a 74 year old respected person with following of thousands all over India, was unfortunate and uncalled for. It is significant that Kiran Bedi first woman IPS officer and former DG Police were also arrested as she was against corruption and was staunch follower of Anna Hazare and his campaign against corruption. So many others staunch followers like Shanti Bhushan, too were arrested. Thereafter thousands of Anna’s follower’s courted arrest and many thousands went on protesting.

Anna Hazare’s along with his close associates arrest caused nationwide uprising from Gujarat to Kerala and from Maharashtra to West Bengal. By evening government realised its folly and withdrew section 144 and release Anna Hazare and his thousands of followers. But to the surprise of government Anna refused to leave Tihar Jail thus embarrassing government further. Anna’s one day arrest has united all the opposition against government. First government laid down conditions against Anna Hazare, now Anna has said that he would leave Tihar Jail only when government unconditionally allows him to go on fast.

Anna’s arrest in the morning and order for release in the evening and mass agitation all over the country in favour of Anna Hazare has been called August Kranti all over India, first time in India since Independence. This is in absolute contrast to emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi all over India and arresting thousands all over India including hundreds of political leaders of all non congress political parties like BJP and others, including BJP’s Vajpayee, even Jai Prakash Narayan.

79 years old Dr Manmohan Singh had been a top ranking economist in World Bank and then in India under the Narasimha Rao’s Government when he was made Finance Minister. He initiated free economy in place of so called socialist economy. As a result Indian businessmen and Indian’s business flourished as never before. Indian economy attained new heights. Thanks to Narasimha Rao and Dr Manmohan Singh the economist.

It was UPA which made him Prime Minister as a show piece while all decisions political or economic were taken by Sonia Gandhi with the advice of her coterie till couple of month’s back. As situation was going out of control, government and PM on the intervention of Rahul Gandhi decided to release Anna Hazare from Tihar Jail and withdraw section 144. Anna had refused to move out of the Tihar Jail till he was allowed to go on fast. Whatever the result UPA and congress have met the worst crisis then ever before.

Government realized its folly and has bowed and has accepted all conditions of Anna Hazare. Anna decided to go on fast for 15 days from Ramlila Maidan from afternoon of 19th August and has had heros welcome at Ramlila Maidan and will remain there along with his thousands of followers. Already 25,000 followers have gathered Hazare has gained and has become leader of whole India as he has united India.

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