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Anarchy in UK and commendable Role of UK Indians

There have been large scale riots or anarchy in UK particularly in London in which, according to latest figure 30,000 people were involved. The rates continued unabated for four days. Metropolitan police figure have revealed on 22nd August that there were 3296 crimes committed during Mail indicating that average of 10 people were linked to committing each crime Scotland Yard (Public statement) on Monday.

Another significant report that is of pride for India community in London particularly the Sikh community channel, like BBC, CMM and Sky news, uninterrupted for five days of rioting from August 8 to 11. It is noteworthy that Indian community demonstrates courage with swords to prevent rioters coming near to their locality. 31 years old Upendra Randhawa was the hero. He and his crew performed the outstanding job of keeping the thousands of rioters away and being photographed as during all the few days. It is because of Sangat TV of Randhawa a 31 years old UK Sikh that police has been able to identify the criminals and take action against them. It is not only India but UK is also proud of Sangat TV and Sikh community. British PM has paid a high tribute to British Sikh.

Unprecedented and unthought of riots that started in London on 6th August. Spread to Manchester, Birmingham and to many other cities. British Police was unable to control the rioters by strict action as it happens in other countries. In no time the rioters torched cars and thereafter even buildings, putting to shame law abiding British citizens. Rioters even started looting shops. There were some riots in 1980’s but insignificant in comparison to riots of August 2011. There were racial clashes in 1980’s but in 2011 riots have been engineered by unemployed and spoilt British youth.

The riots commenced on 4th August when Police, intending to arrest a Youngman in Tottenham, instead shot him dead. This led to march to police station by the family of the dead Duggan along with 300 more. Police were overwhelmed and 26 police officers were injured in the spontaneous rioting and the rioters started burning cars and looting shops and burning houses. Even rioters lodged petrol bombs on the police but British police to save its prestige did not respond with more police firing to kill the rioters. So the riots spread and continued for few days.

When the riot were not subsiding but were going out of control, British PM David Cameron on August 9th wanted riots to stop immediately. He trebled the police force of London to 16,000 borrowing from other faces. But riots and killing of three Asian men in Birmingham were killed when a car went upto the pavement and crushed them.

The root cause of rioting was the frustration of the so called underclass of UK youth, who increasingly felt that they were ignored. This underclass could not study due to modern technology and so could not get jobs and attain much.

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