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Relation between Pakistan India and USA- Despite Taliban’s

Cordial relations between India and Pakistan as well as USA and Pakistan are quite difficult though both India and USA are trying their best ignoring Taliban’s daily attacks as ell as suicide bombing killing many innocent civilians besides Pakistan Army Soldier. Recently a dozen Pakistan’s military men were killed. Most of the attacks of Taliban’s are in NWEP and Baluchistan though there have been few fierce attacks in Karachi killing civilians men women and children besides Army men. Question arises, can Pakistan Army or even US Drone attacks end Taliban’s attacks? It does not seem possible till NWEP and Baluchistan get independence as Pashtu speaking Pathans of these two states having nothing in common with rest of Pakistan which is dominated by Punjabis who constitute about 80% of Pakistan’s Army and more than 75% of Pakistan’s civil service.

Pakistan dismemberment or break up started when East Pakistan declared itself independent state of Bangladesh on March 26, 1971. Pakistan sent Army to crush East Bengal citizens till then part of Pakistan. In the Civil war between West Pakistan Army and East Pakistan Bangladesh citizen more than a million people had died before East Bengal leader’s appeal to India send it’s Army which within 15 days defeated Pakistan, Army and India’s General Aurora accepted surrender from Pakistan’s general along with 1 Lakh Pakistani soldiers who were taken as prisoners and sent to India. Despite this humiliating defeat and surrender Pakistan mostly under military rulers continue to fight in Kashmir and even had fought and got defeated in a number of wars with India.

India has been facing and suffering from Taliban (originally Pathans of NWFP) since independence. In 1948 when Kashmir had signed instrument of Accession with India, Pathan Pakistani terrorists had reached near Srinagar after killing many on the way, Sheikh Abdullah leader of Kashmiris came running to Pandit Nehru, PM of India, demanding acceptance of instrument of accession and sending Indian Army units to prevent their reaching Srinagar. As Mountbatten Governor General of India favoured Pakistan, he put a clause “that will of the people” of Kashmir will be taken into account through refrendum. Nehru being PM but under influence of Mountbatten and his family did not delete this clause as PM or advised Governor General to delete it. This one ­mischief of Mountbatten who as British imperialist added this clause and blunder of Nehru has cost India and Kashmir thousands of lives during last 63 years. Accordingly India’s problem with Pakistan remains to this day and is likely to remain till dismemberment of Pakistan. In addition there has been attack on Mumbai in September 2011 killing more than 200 for which Pakistan has neither surrendered the criminals to India nor punished itself.

USA’s problem with Pakistan started with attack by suicide bombers though use of aeroplane on twin towers in New York destroying the towers and killing hundreds of innocent Americans. Pakistan needs billions of dollars from America to pay salaries to its Army and even to survive. While USA needs Pakistan help so that Pakistan Soldiers, as far as possible, control the Taliban which simultaneously USA is trying to eliminate with daily Drone attacks in NWFP and Baluchistan. As Obama is facing election in 2012, he is particular that so long as he is President of USA he keeps Pakistan as USA’S associate if not friend, so that Taliban are kept under dual attack by Pakistan Army and US Drone attack. It will be for the next President of USA Obama or someone else to either strengthen relation or ignore Pakistan leaving it to itself, because by the end of 2011 or in early 2012 America is committed to withdraw its own and NATO forces from Afghanistan after 10 years of intervention to finish or control Taliban. It has been USA’s absolute failure as Taliban remain violent killing or suicitor bombing both President Karzai’s Kabul and other areas as well as NATO faces in Afghanistan.

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