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Fear Of Terrorist Attack Repetition – In USA of 9/11 and India on Delhi High Court on 9/7

For almost a week, all Newspapers and Media carried the news of possibility of terrorist attack in USA and India. Both the countries took serious steps to tighten their security. USA cannot forgive and forget the terrorist attack on twin tower that resulted in the destruction of tower and death of many hundred innocent citizens. Reason for terrorist attack in USA is because of American intervention in Afghanistan with Army, tanks and plane to kill the Taliban of Afghanistan. Immediately American army started bombing some known and other unknown hide-outs of Taliban, particularly in the tribal area of Afghanistan. This infuriated Osama Bin Laden the so called apostle of Taliban and his followers who made up the mind to hit back by master minding attack on twin tower in New York and they succeeded and many American citizens persisted thus US President determined to take revenge by virtually occupying Afghanistan and after couple of years George Washington for no reason attacked Iraq thinking that Iraq was preparing and manufacturing nuclear bombs; which was not a fact American intervention and attack with bombs and missiles by US Army has continued since then. It is worthwhile to mention that Taliban was American creation so as to end Russian occupation of Afghanistan. But when US mission to expel Russia from Afghanistan ended America tried finishing militant Talibans and establishing pro-American rule in Afghanistan.

Why there have been repeated terrorist attacks in India particularly outside High Court of Delhi, besides terrible attacks in Maharastra on train killing hundred of innocent passengers? There are so many types of Jehadis in India, originally sponsored by Osama Bin Laden, who has been killed by Americans in his hideouts close to Islamabad in Pakistan. Pakistan had been sponsoring, arming and sending Talibans originally Pathans of NWFP across Kashmir to capture it and thereafter crossing the ceasefire line of Kashmir Valley and Jammu with India from remaining part of Kashmir with Pakistan (POK). Though present Chief Minister of Kashmir, Omar Abdullah his father and grand father have always been supporting India’s central government getting financial and military assistance to fight intruder Taliban and other terrorist from Pakistan.

Pakistan has been in turmoil since its independence and has been raising Kashmir question with India and even in UN besides sending Jehadis to cross the ceasefire line and kill Kashmir’s who are pro-India. As these Jehadis could not succeed in Kashmir they have been financing, training and sending to Kashmir. Bombay and Delhi since then because India is a soft state and UPA government did not give capital punishment to any Jehadi even those caught and jailed. Even Afzal Guru who was duly sentenced to death since long by the Supreme Court has not been hanged till now though it is likely that Afzal Guru and a few more may be hanged in near future. If that is done, India Mujahdins will or likely to cease attacks in Delhi and in other parts of India.

Home Minister P. Chidambaram should have taken steps to update and strengthen security not only around Delhi High court but all over capital. Had he done so there would not been attack on High Court of Delhi on Sept 7 killing a dozen and injuring 80 and naturally there would have been no further threat of repetitive of terrorist attack on High court or anywhere. Manmohan Singh as PM should have personally seen that security has been tightened instead of just visiting the injured in hospital after the attack.

There would have been no fear of repetition of 9/11 attack on Twin Tower in New York had American forces been withdrawn from Afghanistan and no attack on Iraq. America would have saved tens of trillion dollars and there would not have been any recession or debt crisis in USA which has caused recession in Europe and Asia virtually whole world. It is high time that Obama learn lesson from the blunders of George Bush and withdraws US troops not only from Afghanistan but also from Iraq.

To sum it up during last 64 years of independence India has not systematically improved its intelligence and police services with latest equipment and
training of security personnel: That is why there had been attacks on Indian territory first by China in 1962 and later on to this day attacks by Pakistan Army, Intelligence services and Terrorists sponsored, armed and trained by Pakistan: That is why India is continuously getting terrorist attacks mainly because Indian governments have been weak and relying on vote bank politics and not hanging many terrorist like Afzal Guru.

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