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USA and India have become close friends in order to fight Terrorist Organisation of Pakistan like IM, LeT, JeM and HuJi

It is most significant and important that US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton on 15th Sept 2011 designated the Indian Mujahideen (IM) as a Foreign Terrorist organisation with links with Pakistan. Hillary Clinton designated the Indian Mujahideen as a Foreign Terrorist organisation (FTO) under section 219 of the immigration and nationality Act and a specially designated Global Terrorist under section 1(b) of Executive order 13224 US state department, clearly and definitely created terrorist group like IM, LeT, JeM and HuJi having significant links with Pakistan” IM in particular has been named as having close ties to other US designated terrorist organisation. States department also confirmed to the satisfaction of India that IM played a “facilitative role in 2008 Mumbai attack carried out by LeT that killed 163 people including six Americans.”

From the above serious and strong comments by US Secy of State and US State Deptt it becomes absolutely clear that US government and people are no longer indifferent to Jehadis attacks by IM and other terrorist organisation financed and supported by Pakistan, directly or indirectly by the Pakistan government which has caused havoc in India, latest being attack on Delhi High Court on 7th ­­­­­­­­September. Thus it is formal acknowledgement of US secretary of state and state Deptt that these designations (of terrorist organisation supported by Pakistan) highlight the threat of posed by Indian Mujahideen not only to western interest but to India, a close US partner”.

It is the first time in Indo-US history that India and USA have become “close partners” because Indian populace has borne the brunt of IM’S wanton violence and today actions illustrate our solidarity with the Indian government. This statement is heartening to Indian people and government was made by Daniel Benjamin, the Deptt of states coordinator for counter terrorism.

So for India has been suffering by terrorist supported by Pakistan. US has anti terrorist organisation to monitor and control and prevent terrorist activities in their country so that there is no repetition of 9/11 attack on twin towers in Washington or elsewhere in USA. Similarly India must have anti terrorist organisation with latest equipment and best intelligence, so that hereafter, there is no terrorist attack like that on Delhi High Court by IM or any other terrorist group financed by Pakistan with arms and intelligence. Thus anti terrorist organisation of India when it is farmed and headed by intelligence officers will even prevent any attack by Pakistan’s terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir, as has been going on since independence and no repetition of 26/11 attack on Mumbai.

For US-India friendship, some credit must go to PM Manmohan Singh who had visited USA and met President Obama many times and even US secretaries, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Foreign Minister Krishna or any other minister who visited USA had such a reception or such exchange of news. Though Manmohan Singh has been considered as weakest PM ever, but in this respect, for strengthening Indo-US relations, his contribution can not be ignored. In this respect Home Minister Chidambaram or Mukerjee or Antony had no contribution at all though they are quite close to Sonia Gandhi.

Latest news is that US President Obama has refused to meet Pakistan PM Yousuf Gilani. As a result Pakistan PM has called off his visit to attend UN General Assembly Session.

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