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Why should there be Debate in British House of Commons on Human Rights violation in Indian Kashmir?

What business or right Britain has to debate on human rights violation in British House of Commons on Indian Kashmir when the whole world knows that violation of human rights in Pakistan, which is epicentre of terror, at its height. There are daily suicides bombing attack on innocent in Pakistan and in relation Pakistan Army’s conflict or retaliation in which are almost daily. It seems that British conservative and indirectly British government which allows such a debate is guilty of violation of India’s sovereignty. Just to please Pakistan Muslims who are British citizens in great number and to get their votes. It is surprising that British Foreign and Commonwealth officials have commented that “British Parliament is entitled to debate”. Has Indian Parliament debated on Human rights violation in UK during the August 2011 riots in which many lost their lives and many houses, shops were burnt and looted? British Indian’s particularly British Sikhs prevented the riot from spreading and showed on video the happenings and atrocities, British public. Even the British PM Cameron praised the UK Indians for their efforts to maintain peace.

Whole of the world knows including USA and its President Obama that Pakistan is hub of terrorism that is why USA has been attacking Pakistan’s NWFP and Baluchistan with Drone attack for years. But British Parliament instead of debating human rights violence in Pakistan has chosen to debate on human rights violation in India’s Kashmir. Whenever there is intrusion of Pakistan terrorist in Kashmir, since Pakistan origin, India has to use its Armed forces to curb such aggression and luckily Indian Kashmir is comparatively free from terrorists today.

As in India, in Indian Kashmir there is working democracy. In Kashmir, too, unlike in Pakistan, there has been never dictatorship from the day Kashmir acceded to India on the pleading of Sheikh Abdullah in 1947 when Pakistan sponsored, trained, armed and financed terrorist from NWFP were sent to Kashmir for illegal occupation and terrorist activities.

Even on 14th September 2011, American Ambassador in Afghanistan said that “Pakistan based Haggane’s network appeared to be responsible for an hour long assault against US embassy in Kabul and nearby Nato Bases” Even China has charged Pakistan for sponsoring and arming terrorist in the China border town of Kashgarh, Pakistan being the source of arms and training the terrorist to the terrorist operating in this region. To allay the security concerns in the area of China, Pakistan has sent six delegations including those led by President Zardari in the short span of a month three more Pakistani teams led by Bilal Bhutto, President Zardari’s son visited china during last few weeks to pacify Chinese government.

It should be clear to British Parliament which country is sponsoring terrorism. Pakistan as is well known has been sponsoring terrorism in India Kashmir and not India. British PM should ban the proposed discussion so as to be just and honest and also to have good relations with British Indians as well as government and India. India has already conveyed to the British government that the proposed debate “will not be helpful” India has rightly emphasized that “India is the world’s largest functional democracy”, Though British government information office has expressed the view that the deliberation in House of Commons will be an expression of the House” these would be “non binding on the British government. But that is not enough. If House of Commons wants to discuss it should have detailed deliberations on Pakistan as hub of terrorism.

While British conservatives are targeting India, US
Secy of states Hillary Clinton and US government have on 15-9-11 openly targeted Pakistan. A statement by state government in Washington said that Indian Mujahdins “maintain close links to Pakistan based Lakshar-e-Taiba (Let) Jaish e Mohammad JEM and Harkat-e-Jihad (HEJC)” British conservatives and British government should note that and take steps that such anti India discussions do not take place in British House of Commons, in future .

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