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Extent of Loss in Karnataka by Janardhan Reddy and his Brother – Some Comments.

It is surprising that in a country where there are 80 percent people living with thirty rupees a day and virtually from hand to mouth, there are others like Janardhan Reddy though now in jail, and his brothers who had robbed the state and the country of Rs 5000 crores. Here are some significant details which are shocking. CBI found and even impounded a chair, weighing 15 Kg of gold and so many other household effects of gold of Rs 2.2 crores. Not only that CBI also found other idols of gold worth 2.3 crores and even cash of Rs 3 crores in bags. According to Janardhan Reddey’s own statement his earning from mines per day was Rs 5 crores. It is absolutely shocking as to how could an individual mine and export illegally iron ore worth more that Rs 12 thousand crores and went unnoticed. What to speak of his conviction in 2007 when it comes to be known about his illegal exports. While Reddy brother earned thousands of crores every year, the iron mine workers got hardly enough for two course meals.

Janardhan Reddy lived like princes in a three storey house with a member of expensive cars like Mercedes, well equipped bar, a longer helipad opposite the house and even a helipad in the house as well plus. “Three rings of security around house. Road to the bungalow under CCTV cover from half a km away” Reddy and his brother lived exceptionally luxurious life far a decade or more. Neither the central government nor the state government took action against Reddy brother till recently when CBI arrested him. His brother’s are absconding and not yet arrested. How the poor workers who worked for Reddy brother in the mines lived? They got just the minimum wages. Neither the state government nor the central government bothered about their wellbeing in the ordous jobs as mine workers, because, it is revealed that police, forest officials as well as revenue officials were on Reddys payroll. Why they have not been arrested? It is essential to arrest all criminals whether of police or revenue department so that in future there is no repetition of such a shocking episode in which thousands of crores have been usurped.
Poor mine workers of Bellary had not seen a 100 rupee note till 2009 which hundreds of men who formed Janardhan Reddy’s informal Army were given by Reddy money mobile phone and motorcycles. But the common man and mine worker did not got anything. Condition of poor workers in and mines further suffered when Supreme Court ordered ban on mining in Bellary till same kind of ‘regime’ takes charges of mining. Prior to that for every lorry carrying iron ore three people were employed as driver cleaner and supervisor and for every drilling machine there were 20 lorries which meant employment of four lakh people in the mining district of Bellary. And now because of arrest of Reddy and Supreme Court order there is absolute closure of mines and complete unemployment and consequent more suffering of mine workers and others.

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Advani’s Rathjatra – Some Comments.

BJP President Advani’s has started another Rathjatra from Bihar. Supported and accompanied by Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. From Bihar Advani plans to continue his Rathjatra all over India in 23 states though it has not been allowed by UP CM Mayawati to enter Azamgarh in UP. It must be said to the credit of 84 years old Advani that he is not only physically fit but is an eloquent speaker with impressive loud voice as well as Hindutva philosophy of RSS cum BJP. No doubt BJP and its president have an eye on 2014 elections and if congress is voted out of power Advani is likely to become Prime Minister once again. Only on 13th Oct 2011 Advani in press conference and TV changed his mind and said that he is no longer interested in being PM. There are other competent BJP senior members who can be thought and selected for the post of PM in 2014 or earlier, if Congress government of UPA falls.

In a country like India which is subcontent having second highest population in the world, after China and is multi linguistic and multi religious and multi cultural, to propagate Hindutva, in the long run can be against communal harmony because of almost absolute dominance in BJP of Hindi language and Hinduism. Particularly in Kerala where more than 50 percent population is Christian and Muslims, in Tamil Nadu the vast majority are Hindus but they speak and write Tamil and a very small percentage of educated Tamils know and speak Hindi. Similarly it is Andhra Pradesh as well as Telengana where agitation for separate state is going on for more than a month have virtually nothing to do with Hindi language. Similarly in Kashmir where 90 percent population is Muslim, the educated population speaks and writes Urdu but virtually no one is concerned with Hindi and Devnagri script. Similarly all the eastern India states like Assam and others are quite opposed to Hindi domination or even use of Hindi language.

However Advani’s Rathjatra has given boost to both Advani and BJP. With the decline of congress under Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh there is rise of BJP and Advani. Advani’s Rathjatra is going to all the 23 states of India including BJP ruled state of South India Karnataka. It is getting good reception everywhere which is enhancing the prospects of BJP coming in power even before 2004 because of congress decline and early fall. Fall of Congress will do good to India for ever because it will mean end of dynastic rule not only at centre but in many states. With the prospect of BJP coming in power before 2004 or even 2004, the hopes of congress coming to power have been dashed. Equally or rather more, important for India is that loss of Congress will herald end of dynastic rule in India and even followed by in many states.

Incompetent Rahul Gandhi was being groomed by Congress and UPA as next PM. Rahul spent his early life, till Sonia Gandhi assumed congress leadership after Rajiv Gandhi assassination, in America enjoying the life and even did not marry. With the continuous decline and ultimate end of congress, Rahul is likely to go back to America.

All the above changes that are likely to be because of rise of BJP and Advani’s Rathjatra all over India. At 84 or 85 Advani may be happy that he had unexpectedly good times, becoming PM and then being leader of opposition for eight years and now having a second Rathjatra . No other political leader of any political party including Congress had such Rathjatra or idea of such Rathjatra. Thus Advani may be known and remembered so long as BJP is in power as the leader who popularized Rathjatra and enhanced BJP’s following all over India like BJP’s founder President Vajpae

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Extent of Chidambaram’s Involvement in Telecom Scam.

Government of India’s Finance Minister, P Chidambaram was associated with A Raja then Telecom minister from early 2006. When a number of ministers including Chidambaram as a member for telecom policy of government, particularly spectrum prices: A few days later, Dayanidhi Maran (now in jail for masterminding Telecom scam) submitted to PM revised note on spectrum prices. A year later Finance secretary too wrote to Deptt of Telecom for inclusion of spectrum prices in terms of reference. A few months later in 2007 finance secretary wrote to cabinet secretary to resolve the problem of spectrum prices. Cabinet Secretary left the matter to be resolved by finance secretary and telecom secretary. In the meantime PM asks A Raja who continued with the policy of first come first served but infact always used his discretion to award spectrum licenses to men and firms of his choice. In these days there was regular correspondence between A Raja and PM. Though Chidambaram was finance secretary, he remained a silent spectator or his consent was taken for granted.

Deptt of economic affairs questioned as to why spectrums were being auctioned at 2001 prices. After informing finance minister Chidambaram, Deptt of Economic affairs suggested that spectrum be auctioned after revising the 2001 prevailing fee. It is surprising that Chidambaram even then did not take any direct action.

Chidambaram was not only ineffective finance minister but when he became Home minister and there were terrorist attack on Delhi High court and earlier, he proved equally to be in effective. In the meantime there was hostility between Chidambaram and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherji who openly said downgrading Chidambaram that “a number of stories on 2G spectrum had appeared in the media in journey 2011” Chidambaram was very much disturbed, as it is said he must have spent sleepless nights in view of note from finance ministry on March 25, 2011 to PM accusing Chidambaram for his note in 2G spectrum scam. The next day Mukherji met the Supreme Court which was hearing on 2G scam because of Subramanian Swamy’s petition Chidambaram immediately contacted the PM and offered to quiet from the government as home minister. But PM, to save his governments prestige persuaded Chidambaram not to press for his resignation.

How long Chidambaram can face insult after insult heaped on him by his hostile and even inimical finance minister Mukherjee? Mukherjee’s note had said that Chidambaram had written to the Prime Minister in January 2008 recommending auction of spectrum but had meant only new spectrum. BJP leader Arun Jaitley immediately took political advantage of the attack by Mukherjee and inability to challenge it by Chidambaram. Arun Jaitley concluded “the March 25 note makes a factual recording of all that happened. It records all the various factors at play and other documents and says this loss (of lakhs of crores of rupees) could have been prevented” Sushma Swaraj, BJP leader in the Lok Sabha said” Prime Ministers support to Chidambaram could not be based either on facts or on merits of 2G controversy.” Thus Chidambaram is going to face storm in Parliament as well as in Supreme Court. Though PM has persuaded him time and again not to resign but Chidambaram has finally decided that he will not contest 2004 elections and virtually quite. However Chidambaram has to appear before Supreme Court and explain his conduct in 2G scam in association with A Raja.

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Inclusion of the upper caste Muslims in Ninth Schedule of constitute for Quota – Demand by UPCM Mayawati – Whether it is justified?

In India after independence concession and reservation for SC’s were grated only for 20 years in the hope that there will be improvement in their income and livelihood and as such there would be no need for reservation and grant of special benefits to scheduled castes after 1972. But unfortunately no serious efforts were made under Pandit Nehru’s Regime to end poverty of lower classes and bring equality of all Indian citizens. Accordingly originally to uplift the scheduled castes and even other backward classes, which was not foreseen in 1952, there has been steady increase in reservation or quota which is today 50%, still in a letter to PM Manmohan Singh, Mayawati has pressed on 10th Sept 2011 to include upper caste Muslims living below poverty line in the ninth schedule of the constitution so that, Mayawati stressed, this latest inclusion on her demand “is not legally challenged”.

UP Chief Minister’s demand in vote bank politics as election in UP and quite close in 2012. It is noteworthy that even senior leaders of Muslims belonging to All India Muslim Law Board have challenged Mayawati’s seriousness to help Muslims. Kamal Faruqui of law board member has said “Had she (Mayawati) been really serious about it she would have passed a resolution first” Thus Faruqui Predicted that centre to obviously see through it, and they are unlikely to take it seriously. Muslims supported her last time and got nothing in return _ _ _ _ vast funds have remained unspent in Muslim Majority destructs”.

If even senior leaders of Muslim organisation have called Mayawati’s demand of quota for Muslims, It is rightly considered as just for “reaping poll harvest “and have therefore opposed it. How can Mayawati’s plea to PM to include Muslims quota be taken seriously either by Muslims or central government? Even Mayawati’s party BSP’s Muslim leader Ahmed Hussan has accused CM of not fulfilling the promise to Muslims made by her in July 2007 in a meeting with Muslim Ulema. All India Muslim personal Law Board members Jilani has clarified Muslim stand on reservations saying “ some Muslim Communities have been included in the Backward Class (OBC’s) category list in UP for reservation benefit” It is noteworthy that when Muslim leaders of UP and Muslims MLA of her own party have opposed Mayawati’s request to PM, of her own party have opposed Mayawati’s request to PM, but stressed on the implementation of existing OBC category Muslims to get their due urgently which Mayawati had ignored since 2007.

Constitution of India had ordained that there should be no reservation or quota even for SC’s after 20 years i.e. after 1972. Instead after 64 years of independence there has been vast increase in quota which is now 50%. Therefore PM and Central Government have rightly ignored Mayawati’s request to PM and central government have rightly ignored Mayawati’s request to PM in a long letter. It is high time that central government determines to improve the lot of poor and backward castes so that there is no demand at all like Mayawati’s which infact reflected vote bank polities which is a curse and is unfortunately prevalent in all political parties of India without any exception.

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Pakistan supplied nuclear technology to China – Revelations by A.Q Khan – Pakistan Relation at Lowest.

Already US- Pak relations have been strained to the breaking point. The latest exposure by A Q Khan Pakistan topmost nuclear sciencetists for decades, rather nuclear architect, to Hendson who is custodian of many secrets of Khan for many years will finally break US-Pak relations. Khan’s supplying nuclear secrets and even nuclear weapons to china was revealed to Hendson because of insurance against harassment or even worse by Pakistan government. Khan has even implicated Pakistan Army and the Chinese government in the proli feration of nuclear technology and weapons between Pakistan and China. For almost a decade Khan and Pakistan government were having close relations with Chinese government and Chinese minister who were often coming to Pakistan and staying there for weeks to learn nuclear technology and knowhow so that they can manufacture nuclear weapons in China and are able to use these weapons without Pakistan’s help.

In his letter to his wife Henny in December 2003 Khan tells her all the secrets in very strong words saying so that Pakistan government does not play a mischief with me tell them “the bastards” first used us and new playing dirty games with us Khan asked his wife to contact British Journalist Simon Henderson his confidant for many years. It is apt to produce details about Pakistan-China cooperation for nuclear technology and nuclear weapon. Khan’s letter to his wife makes it clear. “You know we had cooperative with China for 15 years (prior to 2003) we put up a centrifuge plant. We sent 135C -130 plane loads of machines, inverters, valves, flow, meters, pressure gauges. Our team stayed there for weeks to help and their teams stayed here for weeks at a time. Late minister Li Chew, VM (Vice-Minister
) Li Chew vice vice minister Jiang Shangfie used to visit us? How can America which considered till recently Pakistan a close ally, tolerate all this. It is thus natural that US- Pakistan relations, if not already broken, are at breaking point.

After getting so much nuclear technology and weapons, China, to maintain good relations with Pakistan reciprocated, as Khan also reveals. The Chinese gave us the drawings of nuclear weapons, gave us kg 50 enriches, uranium, gave us 10 tons UP6 (natural) and 5 tons of UFS (3%) Chinese helped PAEC (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission) the rival organisation to the Khan Research Laboratories in setting of UF6 plant production reactor for plutonium and reprocessing plant’

Inspite of USA’s insistence that Pakistan should by all means controls and even eliminate terrorism from everywhere from NWFP and Baluchistan in particular, Pakistan has made it clear that it will not attack Haqqani extremists. Washington has accused Pakistan of ISI involvement in the Sept 13, 2011 attack on US embassy in Kabul.

In view of revelation by A Q Khan and recent attack on US embassy in Kabul, there seems to be no possibility of improvement of US-Pak relations but in fact further deterioration Present Obama refused to meet Pakistan delegation at recent UN Assembly meeting. Last week Admiral Mike told the US senate that “Pakistan has committed act of war against the US”. He also called Haqqani network a veritable arm of Pakistan’s intelligence the ISI. Thus there is going to be further deterioration or even caplete breakup US-Pak relations. India should, therefore, deal with Pakistan carefully as India USA are now fast friends.

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