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Advani’s Rathjatra – Some Comments.

BJP President Advani’s has started another Rathjatra from Bihar. Supported and accompanied by Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. From Bihar Advani plans to continue his Rathjatra all over India in 23 states though it has not been allowed by UP CM Mayawati to enter Azamgarh in UP. It must be said to the credit of 84 years old Advani that he is not only physically fit but is an eloquent speaker with impressive loud voice as well as Hindutva philosophy of RSS cum BJP. No doubt BJP and its president have an eye on 2014 elections and if congress is voted out of power Advani is likely to become Prime Minister once again. Only on 13th Oct 2011 Advani in press conference and TV changed his mind and said that he is no longer interested in being PM. There are other competent BJP senior members who can be thought and selected for the post of PM in 2014 or earlier, if Congress government of UPA falls.

In a country like India which is subcontent having second highest population in the world, after China and is multi linguistic and multi religious and multi cultural, to propagate Hindutva, in the long run can be against communal harmony because of almost absolute dominance in BJP of Hindi language and Hinduism. Particularly in Kerala where more than 50 percent population is Christian and Muslims, in Tamil Nadu the vast majority are Hindus but they speak and write Tamil and a very small percentage of educated Tamils know and speak Hindi. Similarly it is Andhra Pradesh as well as Telengana where agitation for separate state is going on for more than a month have virtually nothing to do with Hindi language. Similarly in Kashmir where 90 percent population is Muslim, the educated population speaks and writes Urdu but virtually no one is concerned with Hindi and Devnagri script. Similarly all the eastern India states like Assam and others are quite opposed to Hindi domination or even use of Hindi language.

However Advani’s Rathjatra has given boost to both Advani and BJP. With the decline of congress under Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh there is rise of BJP and Advani. Advani’s Rathjatra is going to all the 23 states of India including BJP ruled state of South India Karnataka. It is getting good reception everywhere which is enhancing the prospects of BJP coming in power even before 2004 because of congress decline and early fall. Fall of Congress will do good to India for ever because it will mean end of dynastic rule not only at centre but in many states. With the prospect of BJP coming in power before 2004 or even 2004, the hopes of congress coming to power have been dashed. Equally or rather more, important for India is that loss of Congress will herald end of dynastic rule in India and even followed by in many states.

Incompetent Rahul Gandhi was being groomed by Congress and UPA as next PM. Rahul spent his early life, till Sonia Gandhi assumed congress leadership after Rajiv Gandhi assassination, in America enjoying the life and even did not marry. With the continuous decline and ultimate end of congress, Rahul is likely to go back to America.

All the above changes that are likely to be because of rise of BJP and Advani’s Rathjatra all over India. At 84 or 85 Advani may be happy that he had unexpectedly good times, becoming PM and then being leader of opposition for eight years and now having a second Rathjatra . No other political leader of any political party including Congress had such Rathjatra or idea of such Rathjatra. Thus Advani may be known and remembered so long as BJP is in power as the leader who popularized Rathjatra and enhanced BJP’s following all over India like BJP’s founder President Vajpae

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