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Extent of Loss in Karnataka by Janardhan Reddy and his Brother – Some Comments.

It is surprising that in a country where there are 80 percent people living with thirty rupees a day and virtually from hand to mouth, there are others like Janardhan Reddy though now in jail, and his brothers who had robbed the state and the country of Rs 5000 crores. Here are some significant details which are shocking. CBI found and even impounded a chair, weighing 15 Kg of gold and so many other household effects of gold of Rs 2.2 crores. Not only that CBI also found other idols of gold worth 2.3 crores and even cash of Rs 3 crores in bags. According to Janardhan Reddey’s own statement his earning from mines per day was Rs 5 crores. It is absolutely shocking as to how could an individual mine and export illegally iron ore worth more that Rs 12 thousand crores and went unnoticed. What to speak of his conviction in 2007 when it comes to be known about his illegal exports. While Reddy brother earned thousands of crores every year, the iron mine workers got hardly enough for two course meals.

Janardhan Reddy lived like princes in a three storey house with a member of expensive cars like Mercedes, well equipped bar, a longer helipad opposite the house and even a helipad in the house as well plus. “Three rings of security around house. Road to the bungalow under CCTV cover from half a km away” Reddy and his brother lived exceptionally luxurious life far a decade or more. Neither the central government nor the state government took action against Reddy brother till recently when CBI arrested him. His brother’s are absconding and not yet arrested. How the poor workers who worked for Reddy brother in the mines lived? They got just the minimum wages. Neither the state government nor the central government bothered about their wellbeing in the ordous jobs as mine workers, because, it is revealed that police, forest officials as well as revenue officials were on Reddys payroll. Why they have not been arrested? It is essential to arrest all criminals whether of police or revenue department so that in future there is no repetition of such a shocking episode in which thousands of crores have been usurped.
Poor mine workers of Bellary had not seen a 100 rupee note till 2009 which hundreds of men who formed Janardhan Reddy’s informal Army were given by Reddy money mobile phone and motorcycles. But the common man and mine worker did not got anything. Condition of poor workers in and mines further suffered when Supreme Court ordered ban on mining in Bellary till same kind of ‘regime’ takes charges of mining. Prior to that for every lorry carrying iron ore three people were employed as driver cleaner and supervisor and for every drilling machine there were 20 lorries which meant employment of four lakh people in the mining district of Bellary. And now because of arrest of Reddy and Supreme Court order there is absolute closure of mines and complete unemployment and consequent more suffering of mine workers and others.

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