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Inclusion of the upper caste Muslims in Ninth Schedule of constitute for Quota – Demand by UPCM Mayawati – Whether it is justified?

In India after independence concession and reservation for SC’s were grated only for 20 years in the hope that there will be improvement in their income and livelihood and as such there would be no need for reservation and grant of special benefits to scheduled castes after 1972. But unfortunately no serious efforts were made under Pandit Nehru’s Regime to end poverty of lower classes and bring equality of all Indian citizens. Accordingly originally to uplift the scheduled castes and even other backward classes, which was not foreseen in 1952, there has been steady increase in reservation or quota which is today 50%, still in a letter to PM Manmohan Singh, Mayawati has pressed on 10th Sept 2011 to include upper caste Muslims living below poverty line in the ninth schedule of the constitution so that, Mayawati stressed, this latest inclusion on her demand “is not legally challenged”.

UP Chief Minister’s demand in vote bank politics as election in UP and quite close in 2012. It is noteworthy that even senior leaders of Muslims belonging to All India Muslim Law Board have challenged Mayawati’s seriousness to help Muslims. Kamal Faruqui of law board member has said “Had she (Mayawati) been really serious about it she would have passed a resolution first” Thus Faruqui Predicted that centre to obviously see through it, and they are unlikely to take it seriously. Muslims supported her last time and got nothing in return _ _ _ _ vast funds have remained unspent in Muslim Majority destructs”.

If even senior leaders of Muslim organisation have called Mayawati’s demand of quota for Muslims, It is rightly considered as just for “reaping poll harvest “and have therefore opposed it. How can Mayawati’s plea to PM to include Muslims quota be taken seriously either by Muslims or central government? Even Mayawati’s party BSP’s Muslim leader Ahmed Hussan has accused CM of not fulfilling the promise to Muslims made by her in July 2007 in a meeting with Muslim Ulema. All India Muslim personal Law Board members Jilani has clarified Muslim stand on reservations saying “ some Muslim Communities have been included in the Backward Class (OBC’s) category list in UP for reservation benefit” It is noteworthy that when Muslim leaders of UP and Muslims MLA of her own party have opposed Mayawati’s request to PM, of her own party have opposed Mayawati’s request to PM, but stressed on the implementation of existing OBC category Muslims to get their due urgently which Mayawati had ignored since 2007.

Constitution of India had ordained that there should be no reservation or quota even for SC’s after 20 years i.e. after 1972. Instead after 64 years of independence there has been vast increase in quota which is now 50%. Therefore PM and Central Government have rightly ignored Mayawati’s request to PM and central government have rightly ignored Mayawati’s request to PM in a long letter. It is high time that central government determines to improve the lot of poor and backward castes so that there is no demand at all like Mayawati’s which infact reflected vote bank polities which is a curse and is unfortunately prevalent in all political parties of India without any exception.

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