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India’s New Alignment in Asia

A few years back no one thought or expected that India will have such strong relations with Afghanistan on one side in north and Vietnam on the other side in deep South Asia. In the first week of October 2011, Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai visited India for a couple of days and got rousing reception from Indian government and people of India. It is noteworthy that just a week later Vietnam President Trong Tan Sang was host of India government. Even our relations with Pakistan which is facing terrorist attacks on one side and US Drone attack on Waziristan and Baluchistan, are quite normal in the circumstances as Pakistan is indebted to India for its support in becoming member of UN Security Council. Development of strong relations with India by these countries is also because of example of development and growth even during the worst period of recession in USA and Europe. It is an example and gives encouragement to Afghanistan and Vietnam in particular to follow India which provides framework of development and growth as a model.

In this catastrophic economy of USA and Europe, India has emerged a security of sorts against the vagaries of future as India has continued to develop during last 10 years as an impressive growth, inspite of being a democracy and despite corruption by some ministers like A Raja. Now India is marching ahead as an outstanding example of democracy and its impressive global position. That is the reason that USA has become India’s strong friend and acrimony in developing every day in US-Pakistan relations as Pakistan is unable to control its terrorist and terrorist organisations.

As India USA, Afghanistan and Vietman have been closer, Pakistan has sought alliance with China which is causing concern as China is already intruding Aksai Chin area close of India’s Ladakh.

India has its problems, perhaps the worst, as no neighboring country has such. In India 30 percent Indians live below poverty line while in no neighboring country there is such poverty line. Moreover in India, particularly in Vidhuba area of Maharastra every year more than 30 persons commit suicide because of poverty and absence of government help to eliminate their poverty and provide some substantial help in food so that they do no starve and commit suicide. In no neighboring country, not even in Pakistan which was carved out of India in 1947 there are starvation deaths and suicides every year. Our government at center and government of Maharastra should take necessary steps to end starvation deaths every year which has tarnished India’s image and reputation all over the world. 9 percent GDP growth has no meaning for 30 percent people of India below poverty line or those who are starving every year and committing suicide.

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