H C Singh

Decline of US Influence in Arab Countries

Only a few months back in 2011, after US success in Libya in helping the nationalist revolution to oust and finally kill Gaddafi, the ace terrorist of West Asia or rather of the whole world. US and the world were jubilant. But to the shock of Obama and the West and Christians all over the world the celebrations over victory in Libya were shortlived, as soon there were Islamic militants rising all over West Asia, particularly in Egypt where new Islamic political order and organization is coming to rule. In Egypt there have been attacks on Christians and their Churches every where. It must be said that historically 1400 years back Egypt was wholly Christian country with all the significant number of Churches and Christian worshipers. What a contrast? No Christians and their Churches are being targeted, Christians being killed and their churches attacked. As a result many Christians have left Egypt and many more are likely to migrate to European countries.

Egyptian Islamist fundamentalism is going to have repercussions in adjoining Arab and Muslim countries of the West Asia, as in Yemen. There are already uprisings in many adjoining Muslim countries who, too, want their countries to be Islamists in politics, culture and even all aspects, so that no non-Muslim, particularly Christian can live in the Muslim countries.

However Muslim countries of South east Asia starting from Bangladesh which are non-Arab are not affected by upheaval in north – American and South west Asian countries particularly Yemen. These countries are Malaysia and Indonesia in particular which are inhabited by Muslims only. Saudi Arabia has been and even to this day is pro west. While Iran is absolutely independent and has developed its own nuclear weapons and missiles and is even considered a threat to USA and West.

In both Tunisia and Algeria, Islamists are opposed to a compromise or middle-course or secular society with what has been called disastrous consequences for the west. In due course Libya is likely to follow the Muslim Fundamentalist ideology and join the rest in North Africa as fundamentalist Muslims, opposed to US intervention in their countries. Turkey, too, is moving away from secularism and is virtually in the process of being an Islamic fundamentalist country.

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