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Nuclear Iran Cause of Panic in Israel

It is noteworthy that 95 years old widow of one of the founding father of Israel attend in Tel Aviv works that started both the Israel and adjoining Muslim countries, even far off Iran that “Zionism has run its cause,” meaning not only decline but fall of Israel as dominant power in West Asia is imminent. To recollect, Israel was a dominant in West Asia because of American support and America having it armed even with nuclear weapons that in six day war in 1967 Israel captured in adjoining Arab continue prominent places like Gollan Heights, Gaza, East Jerusalem without any resistance from Arab countries. Thus Israel’s area becomes more than double than what was given to Israel by West and America in 1960 or so. After adding so much more territory Israel in last sixty years because of wars and conquests at the cost of adjoining Muslim countries, Dyan, rich with memories of Israel then and its present territories said “I am a peace maker but the current Israel government does not know to make peace, we move from war to war and that will never stop. I think Zionism has run its course” These are the words of a man who took part and even led many battles to acquire more and more territory for Israel at the cost of many lives both of Israelis and many more of Arab neighbours.

Ruth was very much upset and even worried because she was not feeling safe at any one place and was shifting from one area to another for safety. That is what became the fate of Ruth and her family, what would be the condition of others who could not speak or shift from one place to another?

Israel should forget that it was a dominant power for sixty years or so and captured territories belonging to adjoining Arab countries. Times have changed. Israel itself is in danger if the adjoining Arab countries attain peace and unite against Israel. American president Barak Obama is himself worried. He has cautioned Israel. Russia and China who are biggest traders with Iran have objected to any sanctions against Iran in Security Council Israel should be made to understand by America and west that striking Iran would be much more dangerous for Israel.

Now Israel’s very existence is at stake. Any wrong step by Israel, like threatening Iran with nuclear weapons can not be of any use. It is better for Israel to voluntarily return the areas like Golan Heights and West Bank voluntarily because its adjoining Arab countries are rising. Once they are able to end civil strife in their own countries and are in a position to unite, they will capture the areas like Galon Heights and west bank and even pose a threat to Israel very existence. The words of 95 years old Ruth, thus may become true that Zionism has run its course meaning it has no future and it means that even Israel has no future, its very existence is in danger as predicted by 95 years old Ruth

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Mamata and Maoists – Impact on West Bengal and India

Mamata has been fighting with Maoists who called end of ceasefire on November 15 as Maoists in a letter to interlocutors called off the mutual ceasefire which was agreed earlier. In a letter signed by Akosh CPI (M) state secretary Akash dated 31st October Maoists made it clear that “One month ceasefire agreement we entered with you (Mamata Banerjee) had expired on 30th October. Since then there has been no communication on the issue either from the government or you, in wake of this we declare the end of ceasefire.” Mamata Banerjee made it clear that she does not care for this letter from Maoists saying “I don’t want to give any importance to the letter of Maoists. For last five months I have not taken any action against them though they would respond positively. But I have information that they have come down to hooliganism, kidnapping of businessmen and exporting money” Mamata also added that “there are two professors of Jadavpur University who are supporting them along with few other people. They are doing all the conspiracy from Kolkata. Now I have to take decision that police will take action against those who will try to glorify and help Maoists”.

Accordingly fierce fighting started with Maoist by the armed police of West Bengal to eliminate Maoists in West Bengal. But Maoists are not confined to West Bengal only. They are creating havoc in neighboring Orissa as well as parts of Madhya Pradesh.

Though Mamata may succeed in curbing Maoist activities in west Bengal with all the of paramilitary force which is already operating. But Maoists in adjoining states will not be cubed; there is no question of their elimination, even in West Bengal despite fierce fighting between Maoist and paramilitary force of West Bengal.

Government of India is facing many problems. It is not in a position to keep Orissa and MP in any way to curb Maoists terrorist activity. It is well known that Maoists particularly in Orissa have large scale followers, though forced, but they are not being controlled by Orissa government or MP government or also in same pockets in Andra and Tamil Nadu.

Thus government of India of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi which is fighting for its own survival because of constant and persistant attacks by BJP, How can it help Orissa and other states with Maoist pockets? It is impossible. Though West Bengal government of Mamata may succeed to an extent to curb or control Maoists, it is not possible or feasible by neighboring state Orissa, in particular to control Maoists. Neither government of India can help those states to curb Maoist activities and terrorism.

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Toughtime for MAMATA and West Bengal – As Maoists End Ceasefire.

As Maoists have openly challenged Mamata Banerjee by calling off ceasefire, there is likely to be full scale war between Maoists and joint force operation of West Bengal which has come into operations from November 15. One month ceasefire between Maoists and West Bengal government came to an end. It goes against Maoist that they took the initiative to close negotiation with Mamata and start fighting. They influenced the state government through interlocutor on Monday the 15th November in a letter to the interlocutor, calling off the mutual ceasefire agreed a month back. In a letter doted 31st Oct Maoist (CPIM) Secretary Akash wrote to west Bengal Chief Minister which Mamata rightly dismissed as irrelevant.

Mamata Banerjee dismissing the letter by Akash said “I don’t want to give any importance to the letter of Maoist. For last five months I have not taken any action against them though they would respond positively. But I have information that they have come down to hooliganism, Kidnapping of businessmen and extorting money”. There are two professors of Jadavpur University who are supporting them along with few other people. They are doing all the conspiracy from Kolkata. Now I have to take decision that police will take action against those who will try to glorify and help Maoists”

In a threatening manner Mamata Banerjee said “we will snatch their rifles and the joint Forces operation will also start and go” Already Joint forces of operation have started operation and it is going on fiercely and will full force. Mamata Banerjee emphasised that all those supporting Maoist will be arrested as the Maoist organisation has been banned by the central government.” The government will also take action who will glorify Maoists” adding “Law will take its own cause”.

After two Trinamool supporters had been killed by Maoist terrorists in Balrampur area of Purulia District with central government full support Mamata Banerjee added. “Today (Monday) they have killed two Trinamool congress supporters. What do they think they can do whatever they like and we will sit and watch? We will not tolerate this” Since then forces fighting the Maoist going on, every day with greater intensity”. Mamata condemned the Maoist terrorist of using women who are helpless against them and are forced to follow their command and kill even innocent citizens and villagers who have nothing to do with either the government of West Bengal or Maoist terrorists.

Mamata Banerjee accused CPI-M whose goons and goondas financed and armed by hem are helping the Maoists terrorist who have no regards for innocent villages and whose aim is to create lawlessness and terrorism all over West Bengal, including its capital Kolkata. With Mamata Banerjee’s determination and fully armed with latest weapons, West Bengal armed forced are not likely to stop fierce action against Maoist terrorists till their elimination from West Bengal and Kolkata in particular, to set example for other states like adjoining Orissa.

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Pakistan’s leaning ­­­­­­­­­Towards China – Can be threat to India.

Pakistan becoming closer to China and even North Korea can upset the balance in South Asia, particularly so far India in concerned. China and Korea have closely close relations with Sri Lanka, which, too, poses danger to India or at least upsets the balance in South Asia. It is significant, rather threatening, that all the missile bear Chinese signature. Infact China hostility towards India is as old 1959 when India welcomed millions of Tibetans who got not any shelter in India but form Tibetan government in exile with Dalai Lama as its head. This led to War with Chinese who crossed Indian border and captured NEFA. It was a severe shock to Pandit Nehru who was Prime Minister at that time and he could not bear the humiliation of defeat of Indian Army and capture of entire area bordering Assam. Thus within in few years Nehru, who was longest living PM for almost 17 years since independence of India died. It was an unbearable tragedy for Pandit Nehru as well as whole of India.

After Nehru’s passing away both India and China felt to renew normal relations as great neighbours. Accordingly under the regime of Narasimha Rao as PM there was no strife between India China, infact India and China became friends for decades thereafter despite difference.

Pakistan being in turmoil for decades, decided to be friendly with China as never before. As Pakistan’s relations with USA deteriorated because of DRONE attacks by America for decades to finish the Jehadis particularly in Baluchinam Area of Pakistan as well in part of NWFP.

Since American’s attack to kill Osama Bin Laden, in areas close to Pakistan’s capital Islamabad despite complete and unprecidental security in the area close to its capital, Pakistan watched helplessly violation of its territory near capital, relations between Pakistan and USA deteriorated rather with no chance of normalisation.

Thus Pakistan which had been closest ally of USA for its operation against Taliban becomes unfriendly to America because of repeated intervention in Pakistan. Intervention by USA has had two consequence rise of Taliban as never before who control nuclear weapons of Pakistan and on the other hand development of closer relations with China. As a result a number of times Pakistan’s delegations including its PM visited China and to reciprocate and strengthen ties with Pakistan similar repeated visits by Chinese delegations. A number of times three was Exchange of visit by Prime Ministers of Pakistan and China.

Strengthening of relations between Pakistan and China can therefore pose a threat to India though not immediately. But as Pakistan has recognized part of Aksaichin area as Chinese territory, there is possibility of threat to India though not just now.

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Extent of Chidambaram’s Involvement in Telecom Scam

Government of India’s Finance Minister, P Chidambaram was associated with A Raja then Telecom minister from early 2006. When a number of ministers including Chidambaram as a member for telecom policy of government, particularly spectrum prices: A few days later, Dayanidhi Maran (now in jail for masterminding Telecom scam) submitted to PM revised note on spectrum prices. A year later Finance secretary too wrote to Deptt of Telecom for inclusion of spectrum prices in terms of reference. A few months later in 2007 finance secretary wrote to cabinet secretary to resolve the problem of spectrum prices. Cabinet Secretary left the matter to be resolved by finance secretary and telecom secretary. In the meantime PM asks A Raja who continued with the policy of first come first served but infact always used his discretion to award spectrum licenses to men and firms of his choice. In these days there was regular correspondence between A Raja and PM. Though Chidambaram was finance secretary, he remained a silent spectator or his consent was taken for granted.

Deptt of economic affairs questioned as to why spectrums were being auctioned at 2001 prices. After informing finance minister Chidambaram, Deptt of Economic affairs suggested that spectrum be auctioned after revising the 2001 prevailing fee. It is surprising that Chidambaram even then did not take any direct action.

Chidambaram was not only ineffective finance minister but when he became Home minister and there were terrorist attack on Delhi High court and earlier, he proved equally to be in effective. In the meantime there was hostility between Chidambaram and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherji who openly said downgrading Chidambaram that “a number of stories on 2G spectrum had appeared in the media in journey 2011” Chidambaram was very much disturbed, as it is said he must have spent sleepless nights in view of note from finance ministry on March 25, 2011 to PM accusing Chidambaram for his note in 2G spectrum scam. The next day Mukherji met the Supreme Court which was hearing on 2G scam because of Subramanian Swamy’s petition Chidambaram immediately contacted the PM and offered to quiet from the government as home minister. But PM, to save his governments prestige persuaded Chidambaram not to press for his resignation.

How long Chidambaram can face insult after insult heaped on him by his hostile and even inimical finance minister Mukherjee? Mukherjee’s note had said that Chidambaram had written to the Prime Minister in January 2008 recommending auction of spectrum but had meant only new spectrum. BJP leader Arun Jaitley immediately took political advantage of the attack by Mukherjee and inability to challenge it by Chidambaram. Arun Jaitley concluded “the March 25 note makes a factual recording of all that happened. It records all the various factors at play and other documents and says this loss (of lakhs of crores of rupees) could have been prevented” Sushma Swaraj, BJP leader in the Lok Sabha said” Prime Ministers support to Chidambaram could not be based either on facts or on merits of 2G controversy.” Thus Chidambaram is going to face storm in Parliament as well as in Supreme Court. Though PM has persuaded him time and again not to resign but Chidambaram has finally decided that he will not contest 2004 elections and virtually quite. However Chidambaram has to appear before Supreme Court and explain his conduct in 2G scam in association with A Raja.

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