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Mamata and Maoists – Impact on West Bengal and India

Mamata has been fighting with Maoists who called end of ceasefire on November 15 as Maoists in a letter to interlocutors called off the mutual ceasefire which was agreed earlier. In a letter signed by Akosh CPI (M) state secretary Akash dated 31st October Maoists made it clear that “One month ceasefire agreement we entered with you (Mamata Banerjee) had expired on 30th October. Since then there has been no communication on the issue either from the government or you, in wake of this we declare the end of ceasefire.” Mamata Banerjee made it clear that she does not care for this letter from Maoists saying “I don’t want to give any importance to the letter of Maoists. For last five months I have not taken any action against them though they would respond positively. But I have information that they have come down to hooliganism, kidnapping of businessmen and exporting money” Mamata also added that “there are two professors of Jadavpur University who are supporting them along with few other people. They are doing all the conspiracy from Kolkata. Now I have to take decision that police will take action against those who will try to glorify and help Maoists”.

Accordingly fierce fighting started with Maoist by the armed police of West Bengal to eliminate Maoists in West Bengal. But Maoists are not confined to West Bengal only. They are creating havoc in neighboring Orissa as well as parts of Madhya Pradesh.

Though Mamata may succeed in curbing Maoist activities in west Bengal with all the of paramilitary force which is already operating. But Maoists in adjoining states will not be cubed; there is no question of their elimination, even in West Bengal despite fierce fighting between Maoist and paramilitary force of West Bengal.

Government of India is facing many problems. It is not in a position to keep Orissa and MP in any way to curb Maoists terrorist activity. It is well known that Maoists particularly in Orissa have large scale followers, though forced, but they are not being controlled by Orissa government or MP government or also in same pockets in Andra and Tamil Nadu.

Thus government of India of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi which is fighting for its own survival because of constant and persistant attacks by BJP, How can it help Orissa and other states with Maoist pockets? It is impossible. Though West Bengal government of Mamata may succeed to an extent to curb or control Maoists, it is not possible or feasible by neighboring state Orissa, in particular to control Maoists. Neither government of India can help those states to curb Maoist activities and terrorism.

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