H C Singh

Nuclear Iran Cause of Panic in Israel

It is noteworthy that 95 years old widow of one of the founding father of Israel attend in Tel Aviv works that started both the Israel and adjoining Muslim countries, even far off Iran that “Zionism has run its cause,” meaning not only decline but fall of Israel as dominant power in West Asia is imminent. To recollect, Israel was a dominant in West Asia because of American support and America having it armed even with nuclear weapons that in six day war in 1967 Israel captured in adjoining Arab continue prominent places like Gollan Heights, Gaza, East Jerusalem without any resistance from Arab countries. Thus Israel’s area becomes more than double than what was given to Israel by West and America in 1960 or so. After adding so much more territory Israel in last sixty years because of wars and conquests at the cost of adjoining Muslim countries, Dyan, rich with memories of Israel then and its present territories said “I am a peace maker but the current Israel government does not know to make peace, we move from war to war and that will never stop. I think Zionism has run its course” These are the words of a man who took part and even led many battles to acquire more and more territory for Israel at the cost of many lives both of Israelis and many more of Arab neighbours.

Ruth was very much upset and even worried because she was not feeling safe at any one place and was shifting from one area to another for safety. That is what became the fate of Ruth and her family, what would be the condition of others who could not speak or shift from one place to another?

Israel should forget that it was a dominant power for sixty years or so and captured territories belonging to adjoining Arab countries. Times have changed. Israel itself is in danger if the adjoining Arab countries attain peace and unite against Israel. American president Barak Obama is himself worried. He has cautioned Israel. Russia and China who are biggest traders with Iran have objected to any sanctions against Iran in Security Council Israel should be made to understand by America and west that striking Iran would be much more dangerous for Israel.

Now Israel’s very existence is at stake. Any wrong step by Israel, like threatening Iran with nuclear weapons can not be of any use. It is better for Israel to voluntarily return the areas like Golan Heights and West Bank voluntarily because its adjoining Arab countries are rising. Once they are able to end civil strife in their own countries and are in a position to unite, they will capture the areas like Galon Heights and west bank and even pose a threat to Israel very existence. The words of 95 years old Ruth, thus may become true that Zionism has run its course meaning it has no future and it means that even Israel has no future, its very existence is in danger as predicted by 95 years old Ruth

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