H C Singh

Pakistan’s leaning ­­­­­­­­­Towards China – Can be threat to India.

Pakistan becoming closer to China and even North Korea can upset the balance in South Asia, particularly so far India in concerned. China and Korea have closely close relations with Sri Lanka, which, too, poses danger to India or at least upsets the balance in South Asia. It is significant, rather threatening, that all the missile bear Chinese signature. Infact China hostility towards India is as old 1959 when India welcomed millions of Tibetans who got not any shelter in India but form Tibetan government in exile with Dalai Lama as its head. This led to War with Chinese who crossed Indian border and captured NEFA. It was a severe shock to Pandit Nehru who was Prime Minister at that time and he could not bear the humiliation of defeat of Indian Army and capture of entire area bordering Assam. Thus within in few years Nehru, who was longest living PM for almost 17 years since independence of India died. It was an unbearable tragedy for Pandit Nehru as well as whole of India.

After Nehru’s passing away both India and China felt to renew normal relations as great neighbours. Accordingly under the regime of Narasimha Rao as PM there was no strife between India China, infact India and China became friends for decades thereafter despite difference.

Pakistan being in turmoil for decades, decided to be friendly with China as never before. As Pakistan’s relations with USA deteriorated because of DRONE attacks by America for decades to finish the Jehadis particularly in Baluchinam Area of Pakistan as well in part of NWFP.

Since American’s attack to kill Osama Bin Laden, in areas close to Pakistan’s capital Islamabad despite complete and unprecidental security in the area close to its capital, Pakistan watched helplessly violation of its territory near capital, relations between Pakistan and USA deteriorated rather with no chance of normalisation.

Thus Pakistan which had been closest ally of USA for its operation against Taliban becomes unfriendly to America because of repeated intervention in Pakistan. Intervention by USA has had two consequence rise of Taliban as never before who control nuclear weapons of Pakistan and on the other hand development of closer relations with China. As a result a number of times Pakistan’s delegations including its PM visited China and to reciprocate and strengthen ties with Pakistan similar repeated visits by Chinese delegations. A number of times three was Exchange of visit by Prime Ministers of Pakistan and China.

Strengthening of relations between Pakistan and China can therefore pose a threat to India though not immediately. But as Pakistan has recognized part of Aksaichin area as Chinese territory, there is possibility of threat to India though not just now.

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