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Toughtime for MAMATA and West Bengal – As Maoists End Ceasefire.

As Maoists have openly challenged Mamata Banerjee by calling off ceasefire, there is likely to be full scale war between Maoists and joint force operation of West Bengal which has come into operations from November 15. One month ceasefire between Maoists and West Bengal government came to an end. It goes against Maoist that they took the initiative to close negotiation with Mamata and start fighting. They influenced the state government through interlocutor on Monday the 15th November in a letter to the interlocutor, calling off the mutual ceasefire agreed a month back. In a letter doted 31st Oct Maoist (CPIM) Secretary Akash wrote to west Bengal Chief Minister which Mamata rightly dismissed as irrelevant.

Mamata Banerjee dismissing the letter by Akash said “I don’t want to give any importance to the letter of Maoist. For last five months I have not taken any action against them though they would respond positively. But I have information that they have come down to hooliganism, Kidnapping of businessmen and extorting money”. There are two professors of Jadavpur University who are supporting them along with few other people. They are doing all the conspiracy from Kolkata. Now I have to take decision that police will take action against those who will try to glorify and help Maoists”

In a threatening manner Mamata Banerjee said “we will snatch their rifles and the joint Forces operation will also start and go” Already Joint forces of operation have started operation and it is going on fiercely and will full force. Mamata Banerjee emphasised that all those supporting Maoist will be arrested as the Maoist organisation has been banned by the central government.” The government will also take action who will glorify Maoists” adding “Law will take its own cause”.

After two Trinamool supporters had been killed by Maoist terrorists in Balrampur area of Purulia District with central government full support Mamata Banerjee added. “Today (Monday) they have killed two Trinamool congress supporters. What do they think they can do whatever they like and we will sit and watch? We will not tolerate this” Since then forces fighting the Maoist going on, every day with greater intensity”. Mamata condemned the Maoist terrorist of using women who are helpless against them and are forced to follow their command and kill even innocent citizens and villagers who have nothing to do with either the government of West Bengal or Maoist terrorists.

Mamata Banerjee accused CPI-M whose goons and goondas financed and armed by hem are helping the Maoists terrorist who have no regards for innocent villages and whose aim is to create lawlessness and terrorism all over West Bengal, including its capital Kolkata. With Mamata Banerjee’s determination and fully armed with latest weapons, West Bengal armed forced are not likely to stop fierce action against Maoist terrorists till their elimination from West Bengal and Kolkata in particular, to set example for other states like adjoining Orissa.

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